“Haikyu !!” × “CLEVER” Protein bar Collaboration

From June 1st, Nature Lab will have a collaboration between their protein bar of premium protein “CLEVER” containing the highest quality WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) and TV animation “Haikyu !!” at drug stores and family marts nationwide. 

There are 6 types of collaboration protein bars. Twelve popular characters are designed on the package, and glitter mini stickers (18 types in total) are randomly enclosed inside. There are three flavors: milk chocolate, bitter chocolate, and salt chocolate.

【Product OVerview】
<CLEVER Protein Bar>
You can take WPI (5g) and soy protein in a well-balanced manner with one bar. A combination that takes advantage of the chocolate flavor while keeping sugar to 10g or less. The crispy texture of soy puffs, roasted almonds, and charred butter oil spreads throughout your mouth. With the newly introduced salt chocolate flavor, you can enjoy the harmony of Lorraine rock salt and caramel by using caramel flavor.

Release date: June 1st

Price: Price: 180 yen each (194 yen including tax)

Milk chocolate flavor/Karasuno High School, Otokoma High School

Bitter chocolate flavor/Shiratorizawa Academy High School, Inarizaki High School

Salt chocolate flavor/Aoba Josai High School, Kaguya Gakuen High School

・”Haikyu!!” Official Site:https://haikyu.jp
・”CLEVER” Official Site:https://www.clever-protein.com
・Sports life date 2020:https://www.ssf.or.jp/thinktank/sports_life/datalist/2020/index.html

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