70th anniversary of “Astro Boy” & 10 years since the birth of “Komarikuma” Collaboration!

GEEK WONDERS, a unit that conducts the content creative business of the new era of Geek Pictures, has the character “Komarikuma” designed by popular illustrator Shiho Takanashi and the masterpieces such as “Black Jack”, “Astro Boy”, and “Unico”, which are owned by Tezuka Productions. There will be sales of collaboration goods with the popular characters for a limited time.

©Tezuka Productions/©SHIHO TAKANASHI

This collaboration will be held in the memorable year of “Astro Boy”, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary, and “Komarikuma”, which will celebrate its 10th year in 2022. Goods such as towels and mugs drawn by Shiho Takanashi will be sold at some stores in Tokyo Character Street and Loft, and events such as autograph sessions are also planned. Details can be found on Komarikuma’s official Twitter account.

In the future, GEEK WONDERS is planning various collaboration projects with the company’s exclusive character “Komarikuma”, and will continue to send information on the official website and official SNS as needed.

<Example of product> (Price including tax)

Mini towel 770 yen 

“Komarikuma x Astro Boy” (Greetings to Astro Boy)

“Komarikuma x Blackjack” (Stitchy Pinoko)

“Komarikuma x Unico” (I’m on your side)

Pottery mug 1,650 yen 

“Komarikuma x Unico” (we are friends)

“Komarikuma x Blackjack” (dot sewing surgery)

“Komarikuma x Astro Boy” (HOW TO FLY)

 Big character mirror 1,100 yen

“Komarikuma x Unico” (We Can Fly)

“Komari bear x Astro Boy” (Astro Boy)

“Komarikuma x Black Jack” (Achonbrique!)

Leather sticky note book 550 yen 

“Komarikuma x Black Jack” (Black Komarikuma)

“Komarikuma x Astro Boy” (HOW TO FLY)

“Komari bear x Unico” (surprised Unico)

<Sales store>

・Tokyo Character Street

Holding period: May 13th (Friday) – 26th (Thursday)

Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00

・Umeda Loft

Holding period: June 8th (Wednesday) – 26th (Sunday)

Business hours: See below
・Loft Nagoya

Holding period: July 6th (Wednesday) – 25th (Monday)

Business hours: 10: 30 – 20: 00 

・ “Komarikuma” official website: https://komarikuma.com/

・ “Komarikuma” official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mr_Kumatta

・ “Komarikuma” official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr.kumatta/

・ Osamu Tezuka official website: https://tezukaosamu.net/jp/

・ Tezuka Production Official Website: https://tezuka.co.jp/

・ “GEEK WONDERS” official website: https://geekwonders.jp/

・ “Geek Pictures” official website: https://geekpictures.co.jp/

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