Releasing “Moomin Summer” from “Dear Beaute HIMAWARI”!

On May 27, Kracie Home Products is releasing a limited design of the popular character “Moomin” from “Dear Beaute HIMAWARI” that straightens “hair distortion” that causes swelling, habit and dryness of hair due to age and leads to straight hair. The product “Dear Beaute Oil-in Shampoo & Conditioner (Moomin Summer)” will be released in limited quantities.

The collaboration project between “Dear Beaute HIMAWARI” and “Moomin” has colored the bath time with seasonal flairs. “Moomin Summer”, which is prepared for the sweaty season, is a shampoo and conditioner that contains “menthol”, a skin refreshing ingredient, to cleanse your scalp and mood. With the “damage sensor function” that aims at the damaged part and repairs it intensively, it also repairs hair damage caused by pools, the sea, ultraviolet rays, etc. The scent is a “fruity mint scent” with the image of a pleasant and refreshing summer in Scandinavia, where you can feel the freshly picked herbs.

From the image of the scent, the bottle and the transparent bag containing the bottle are designed based on “mint color”, and the fun bath time of the Moomin family is drawn. The handle of the transparent bag looks like a scarf, and the Moomin character is also displayed there. Don’t miss the world view of Moomin’s story with attention to detail. The Moomin Summer, which looks and feels refreshing, is perfect for summer distortion care.

【Product Details】

Dear Beaute Oil-in Shampoo & Oil in Conditioner (Moomin Summer)

Capacity: 500mL + 500g

Price: Open (sold as a set only)

Scheduled release date: Friday, May 27

Sales channels: Drug stores, supermarkets, etc. nationwide

Features: Features:

・ Contains “Premium Sunflower Oil EX”

・ “Distortion care system” adopted

・ Shampoo is a non-silicon prescription. Contains 4 types of amino acid-based cleaning ingredients

・ All products, sulfate-free prescription

・ Damage sensor function・ “Fruity mint scent”

・Dear Beaute HIMAWARI Official Site:

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