Oreo × Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Collaboration!

On April 18th, Mondelez Japan released “Oreo Dragon Ball Pack Vanilla Cream 30 Cookies” from the biscuit brand “Oreo”,in collaboration with the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”. It will be sold for a limited time at convenience stores and drug stores.

© Bird Studio / Shueisha © “2022 Dragon Ball Super” Production Committee

The popular anime “Dragon Ball” series, which has been loved for nearly 40 years, and the long-selling biscuit brand “Oreo”, which celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. A collaboration between the two, which has been loved for a long time from children to adults, has been started. The appearance of the Dragon Ball characters, who value the bonds with their families and friends and never forget to enjoy themselves in battles and adventures, matches Oreo’s concept of “fun and delicious,” which led to this collaboration. A limited-edition package design featuring characters from the up-and-coming new movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, which will be released soon.

In addition, in commemoration of this collaboration, we are planning to carry out a gift plan to receive original goods. Details of the campaign will be announced at a later date.

The outer bag of the collaboration limited package adopts two types of design, one is the design with Son Goku’s skill, “Kamehameha”, and the other is the design that has an impressive strong look. In addition, not only the main characters such as Son Goku, Son Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta, but also the enemy character Broly, Gamma No. 1, Gamma No. 2, and Doctor. A total of 9 popular characters have gathered together, and 10 bags are randomly included in each package from all 17 types. The limited-edition package with outstanding impact is an individual wrapping that is sized to eat, and a dragon ball from a one-star ball to a seven-star ball is also drawn.

Furthermore, there are many scenes in which the important person of this anime, the genius scientist Dr. Hed, is eating Oreo-style cookies in the movie. He created a new android “Gamma No. 1 & Gamma No. 2” and challenged Gohan and Piccolo, but he seems to have no eyes on sweets, and what kind of eating he is doing. 

【Product Overview】

・Oreo x Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Special Site:https://www.oreocookie.jp/dbs_superhero/

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