“Rilakkuma / Korilakkuma Room” opens on April 21st on the Miura Peninsula

Maholova Minds Miura, the largest hot spring resort hotel on the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture, will open two rooms, “Rilakkuma Room” and “Korilakkuma Room”, in collaboration with San-X on April 21st for a limited time.

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Maholova Minds Miura, who will celebrate its 30th anniversary in June, has adopted “Rilakkuma” and “Korilakkuma”, which are popular around the world, mainly from a wide range of generations and Asia, as the pillars of its commemorative project, from planning to opening of guest rooms. It is a project that took about a year. An unprecedented special room full of originality with a love for characters is about to be completed.

The hotel has created a number of unique guest rooms and has been well received, but from the world’s first small theme park-like guest room where you can enjoy living with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma. The guest rooms will be Room 908 and Room 909, named after “Kuma (90)”.

In addition, the following original products will be sold in the hotel during the sales period of Rilakkuma Room and Korilakkuma Room even for those who do not stay overnight.

[Summary of implementation]

・ Rilakkuma Room (Room 908, non-smoking)

Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Chairoikoguma have also appeared, and the entire guest room is full of Rilakkuma, including walls, sofas, and beds. From check-in to check-out, a space of surprise and healing that keeps you excited. In the room, you will be greeted by a full-scale Rilakkuma plush.

(9th floor / twin bedroom + twin bedroom and living room + Japanese-style room / 120 square meters / capacity of 6 people)

・ Korilakkuma Room (Room 909, non-smoking)

A room full of Korilakkuma that is irresistible for Korilakkuma lovers. Like the Rilakkuma room, the entire guest room is Korilakkuma. Everyone can feel happy in a room full of cuteness and originality, which is based on pink. A big Korilakkuma welcomes you.

(9th floor / twin bedroom + twin bedroom and living room / 80 square meters / capacity of 4 people)

* All guest room images are completed images. It may be different from the actual one.
Guest benefits (common to Rilakkuma Room and Korilakkuma Room):

1. Guests only ・ Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plush Toy Set (1 set per room)

A stuffed animal in an original tote bag that can only be obtained by staying in these two rooms. Mahoroba original with Miura radish and watermelon as motifs.

* Additional purchases can be made up to the maximum number of guests (excluding those under 2 years old) only for guests in this room.

2. Welcome Rilakkuma Donuts (4 per room)

3. Original Rilakkuma mineral water (500ml)

4. Original Rilakkuma Face Towel

* One mineral water and one face towel for adults and children over 3 years old. (Excluding those under 2 years old)

Accommodation reservation acceptance start: April 3 (Sun) 10:00

Reservation reception method: Online reservation only. Reservations cannot be made by phone.

Accommodation start date: Thursday, April 21

Hotel fee:

1 night with 2 meals / per person (tax included)

1 room 2 people from 27,500 yen / 3-5 people from 25,300 yen / 6 people from 22,000 yen

* Elementary school students get a 5,500 yen discount from the adult fee, 11,000 yen discount for children aged 3 to preschool, 1,650 yen for children aged 2 and under (no meals)

* Prices vary depending on the day of the week and the time of year.

* Rilakkuma room only for 5 to 6 people per room. Korilakkuma room can accommodate up to 4 people.

<Other Rilakkuma products>

Restaurant: Rilakkuma Lunch

Store: Rilakkuma Outing Plush Keychain-Swimsuit Tokiwa and Straw Hat-, Langdosha, Castella Manju, Marshmallow, Bolo, Mineral Water

Front: Face towel

・Maholova Minds Miura “Rilakkuma / Korilakkuma Room” Special Page:https://www.maholova-minds.com/special/detail.php?CN=118501
・Maholova Minds Miura Official Site:https://www.maholova-minds.com/
・San-X Official Site: https://www.san-x.co.jp/company/

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