20th Anniversary “Cinnamoroll” × DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Collaboration!

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is having a collaboration project with Sanrio from February 25th to April 7th, with the theme of “Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary DiverCity Tokyo”, which is the 20th anniversary of Sanrio’s character “Cinnamoroll”, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.


In this collaboration project, in addition to the “Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Shop (Hello Kitty Japan DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Store)” which is open for a limited time, there are many anniversary projects such as quiz rallies and scratches in the hall.

【Event Overview】
1. “Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Shop”

Venue: Hello Kitty Japan DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Location: DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F

Period: Scheduled for a limited time from January 14th (Friday) to April 7th (Thursday)

Business hours: Weekdays 11:00 to 20:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00 to 20:00

To commemorate the 20th anniversary, “Hello Kitty Japan DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Store” has been reopened under the theme of “Cinnamoroll Blue”. During the period, the inside of the store will be filled with “Cinnamoroll Blue”. There are plenty of contents that can only be enjoyed during the period, such as the limited-time food “Cinnamoroll Blue Soft”, a 4-frame print camera with Cinnamoroll specifications, a trick art photo spot, and Cinnamoroll goods.


2. “Cinnamoroll Quiz Rally”

Answer the quizzes of the Cinnamoroll panels in various poses installed in various places in the building from your smartphone, and if you answer the quiz correctly, stamps will be collected. There are 5 types of quizzes in all. If you collect stamps from all places, you will receive an original Cinnamoroll goods.

* Details can be found on the site.

3. “Cinnamoroll Scratch”

During the period, you can get one scratch card for purchases of 3,000 yen (tax included) or more per account at the target stores in the building. When you get a hit, you will receive a 500 yen Cinnamoroll design shopping voucher that can be used at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. Even if you lose it, you will receive one Cinnamoroll original sticker for each scratch card. In addition, if you collect 3 lost badges, you can exchange them for the original can badge.

* Details of target stores can be confirmed on the facility homepage.

* It will end as soon as the novelty is gone.

* Some stores do not accept shopping tickets.

* The pattern cannot be selected.


4. Original coaster gift for payments of 1,200 yen (tax included) or more

At the time of checkout for purchases of 1,200 yen (tax included) or more at restaurants in the building including the food court, if you say “Please give me a coaster”, you will receive an original coaster of Cinnamoroll.

* It will end as soon as it runs out.

* The pattern cannot be selected.

* Receipts cannot be added up.


5. Follow & like the official Instagram account to get Cinnamoroll original goods

If you follow the official Instagram account of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and like the target post, 20 people will be given a Cinnamoroll original goods and shopping voucher by lottery.

6. Based on the theme of the 20th anniversary, various parts of the building will be in “Cinnamoroll Blue” color

Main decorations: 3rd floor General Information Center / In front of Tokyo Teleport Station Gate

The entire building will be colored with “Cinnamoroll Blue”, which is the theme of the 20th anniversary of Cinnamoroll’s debut. You can enjoy the fluffy cloud design and the cute world view of Cinnamoroll.

* Details are subject to change without notice.

<Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection at “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza”>

・ Thoroughly measure the temperature of employees, wear masks, and wash their hands.

-Wipe and disinfect areas with frequent contact.

・ Strengthen ventilation in the hall.

・ Installed splash prevention partitions in restaurants and food courts.

・ Implement and promote take-out at restaurants.

・ Restrict the use of smoking rooms.

<Request to visitors>

・ Wearing a mask, checking the temperature and physical condition before visiting the museum, and cooperating in diligent hand washing and disinfection.

-Use the new coronavirus contact confirmation app (COCOA).

・ Cashless payment is recommended.

・ Visit with a small number of people and leave a space.

・ Leave a space on the escalator.

・ Capacity is set for the elevator.

・ Refrain from talking in a loud voice.

・ When visiting the museum, check the latest policy regarding the movement of the prefecture in which you live. It was

<About “Mitsui Fudosan 9BOX Infection Control Standards”>

Mitsui Fudosan believes that easy-to-understand infection control based on medical and engineering knowledge is essential so that even if a new mutant strain becomes epidemic in the future, the group’s facilities can be used with peace of mind. Established “Mitsui Fudosan 9BOX Infection Control Standards”. We are developing various facilities such as office buildings, commerce, hotels, resorts, logistics, housing, etc., and we would like to contribute to solving social issues by presenting items that are easy to share not only with the company group but also with society as a whole.

・「DiverCity Tokyo Plaza」Official Site:https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/divercity-tokyo/
・「DiverCity Tokyo Plaza」Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/divercitytokyo_plaza.official/
・「Cinnamoroll」20th Anniversary Official Site:https://47mon20th.sanrio.co.jp/
・「Cinnamoroll」Official Site:https://www.sanrio.co.jp/character/cinnamon/
・「Cinnamoroll」Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/cinnamon_sanrio

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