173 Cake’s Collaboration with Little Twin Stars!

Taiwan’s cake company “173 Cake” released a new collection of desserts in collaboration with Sanrio’s “Little Twin Stars”.

The new collection will come in four variety, with different types of desserts such as pound cakes, cookies, roll cakes, and so much more. The desserts all have inspirations from Little Twin Stars in the blue-pink designs and tastes. Each set will feature tote bags with different unique designs of Kiki and Lala, enjoying their days with sweets and food. The designs convey the cuteness and charm of Little Twin Stars, and are great for fans to collect.

The collection sets are available for purchase on 173 Cake Online Store, and shops across Taiwan.

173 Cake x Little Twin Stars: Cake Collection Store Page: https://www.173cake.com/product/69

173 Cake Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/egsain/

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