The art collection “Daniel Arsham’s Pokédex” is now on sale!

Bijutsu Shuppan published “Daniel Arsham’s Pokédex” on February 4th.

©2022 Pokémon. ©1995-2022 Nintendo/ Creatures Inc./ GAME FREAK inc.
©Daniel Arsham, Courtesy of Nanzuka
©Culture Convenience Club, 2022
©Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku ©Pokémon

The “A Ripple in Time” art project, which has been held in 5 locations in Tokyo since early February, is a hot topic. A collection of works recording the whole picture is on sale at bookstores nationwide, online bookstores, Pokemon Center, and NANZUKA UNDERGROUND (Jingumae).

Daniel Arsham is one of the most sought after artists in the contemporary art world, working on a variety of collaborations from high-end brands to casual brands, saying, “I want to make art familiar!” While continuing his production activities under the theme of “archeology as fiction” and growing up watching Pokemon animation, his motivation to produce works with Pokemon as the theme has not diminished, and more than 100 works have been produced. 

This book is Mr. Arsham’s first collection of Japanese versions, and contains 91 works such as 24 kinds of sculpture drawings and paintings by him who has a strong passion for Pokemon, such as Pikachu and Eevee. It contains sculptures of Pokemon “excavated 1000 years later”, and each Pokemon has a structure that allows you to thoroughly enjoy the work from various angles. If you take a closer look at his work, you will be reminded of the charm of Pokemon.

Interviews with Mr. Arsham himself and director Kunihiko Yuyama, who has been involved in the TV anime “Pokemon” series, are also posted in Japanese and English. The behind-the-scenes work of the short animation work “A Ripple in Time” by Pokémon x Daniel Arsham (exhibited at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND in front of Jingumae, Tokyo in February), which was realized by the collaboration of the two, is talked about.

In addition to general bookstores nationwide and online bookstores, this book is being held at five locations in Tokyo (NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, NANZUKA2G, 3110NZ by LDH, Sogetsu Kaikan Sogetsu Plaza, Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza) in sequence from early February. Also sold at some venues of “A Ripple in Time”. Sales information can be confirmed on the special exhibition site. It can also be purchased at Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Center Online nationwide.

Also, if you purchase at the target stores of Maruzen Junkudo Bookstore, Kinokuniya Bookstore, and TSUTAYA / Tsutaya Bookstore, you will receive an original clear file featuring a photograph of Daniel Arsham’s work.

* Limited to the first shipment, first-come-first-served basis.

* Details of the target stores can be confirmed on the official website of “Bijutsu Shuppansha”.

【Book Overview】
「Daniel Arsham’s Pokedex」
Published by: Culture Convenience Club

Released: Bijutsu Shuppansha

Price: 3,500 yen + tax

Release date: February 4th (Friday)

Specifications: 192 pages, B5 format variant

ISBN: 978-4568-10540-7

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