Miffy × graniph Collaboration Campaign started!

 “graniph” will start selling “Miffy” collaboration items at official online stores and domestic stores on January 18th.

Illustrations Dick Bruna © copyright Mercis bv,1953-2022 www.miffy.com

Illustrations Dick Bruna © copyright Mercis bv,1953-2022 http://www.miffy.com

“Miffy” is a little rabbit girl. Miffy, the main character of a picture book drawn by Dutch picture book writer and graphic designer Dick Bruna, who is honest, innocent and courageous, always curious about new things, and the warm story of his family and friends all over the world. She continues to be loved by people.

This collaboration develops items that give you a sense of the world of “Miffy”. The official graniph online store accepts pre-order sales from December 24th to January 17th, 2022. Details can be found at the official graniph online store.

[Product Details](Tax included)
Sweatshirt “Miffy Pose” 4,950 yen

Size: SS / S / M / L / XL

A design with Miffy with both elbows as an appliqué. A basic sweatshirt with a nice textured fleece.

Shirt “Miffy Art 2” 6,600 yen

Size: S / M / L

The front pocket is embroidered with Miffy looking at the picture, and the back hem is embroidered with Miffy holding a lot of brushes on his back. Miffy’s silhouettes in many beautiful colors are designed on the back and button joints.

Long-sleeved T-shirt “Miffy Border” 3,520 yen

Size: SS / S / M / L / XL

Kids / Baby Long Sleeve T-shirt “Miffy Border” 3,300 yen

Size: 80/90/100/110/120/130/140

A cute piece that looks like you’re peeking through your chest pocket. Miffy’s face elbow pads are attached to the elbows for an accent. A boat neck type striped long-sleeved T-shirt using a nice textured T-shirt.
T-shirt “Book and Miffy” 2,200 yen

Size: SS / S / M / L / XL

Kids / Baby T-shirt “Book and Miffy” 2,200 yen

Size: 80/90/100/110/120/130/140

With the motif of Miffy reading a book, a playful and unique design that resembles a pocket as a book. A basic T-shirt that uses a nice textured T-shirt.

Long-sleeved dress “balloon dot” 4,950 yen

Size: Free

A design in which Miffy’s balloons have a dot pattern. The cake attached to the tip of Miffy and the waist cord is embroidered, giving it a playful design. A-line dress with waist ribbon with pockets on both sides. A boat neck that makes the collarbone look beautiful.

Kids / Baby Long Sleeve Dress “Balloon Dot” 3,300 yen

Size: 90/110/130

A design in which Miffy’s balloons have a dot pattern. The cake on Miffy and the right sleeve is embroidered. The shape is an A-line dress and uses a slightly thick material. With pockets on both sides.

Kids / Baby Boa Fleece Long Sleeve Sweatshirt “Miffy Zoom” 3,850 yen

Size: 80/90/100/110/120/130/140

Boldly placed Miffy’s face up. A simple yet inspiring design. Sweatshirts with a light and warm boa fleece.

Rompers “tree pattern” 3,850 yen

Size: 70/80

A pattern that combines various trees and Miffy, such as apple trees, pear trees, and trees with birds. The chest pocket is Miffy’s face. Rompers made from organic cotton knotted fabric. Two layers of soft cotton cut-and-sew fabric are layered, and it is soft and warm with air, and each time you use it, you will get a unique wrinkle feeling. It is gentle on the skin, stretches well and is comfortable to wear without feeling stress. Basic shape with long sleeves and long trousers, with snaps from neck to ankle.

* All 42 types in total

* Details of the lineup can be confirmed at the official online store.


・ graniph official online store

・ graniph domestic stores (excluding some stores for kids and baby items)

・”graniph” Official Online Store:https://www.graniph.com
・”graniph” Official Site:https://graniph.co.jp
・”graniph” Official Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/graniph_official
・”graniph” Official Twitter :https://twitter.com/graniph_updates
・”graniph” Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/design.tshirts.store.graniph
・”graniph” LINE Account:https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40566yickw

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