Sanrio × MOON PANTS: New self-care Collaboration in Taiwan!

MOON PANTS just released a new collaboration with everyone’s favourite characters of Sanrio with new sanitary napkins and panties products.

MOON PANTS is a sanitary product designed to give shape to such ideals, just like tampons have liberated women’s lives and just like disposable sanitary napkins have expanded women’s choices. Developed by women who live in the 21st century, MOON PANTS is a new sanitary item that allows you to spend your gloomy days freely and comfortably.

In this collaboration, Characters from Sanrio such as Hello Kitty and Aggretsuko will be featured on each of the product lines of MOON PANTS to give comfort to women in their menstrual period. Three Sanrio characters will be featured: Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko, and Little Twin Stars.

The products are available on MOON PANTS’s online shop. 

Online Shop:

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