“Akai Kitsune Midori Tanuki Udon” × “My Hero Academia” collaboration!

Since December 1st, Toyo Suisan’s Maru-chan “Akai Kitsune Midori Tanuki Udon” has been collaborating with the TV anime “My Hero Academia”.

The theme of this project is “I’m happy. That day is coming.” This is a collaboration project between Maru-chan’s “Akai Kitsune Midori Tanuki Udon” and the anime “My Hero Academia”, based on the popular comic serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. 

“Akai Kitsune” and “Midori Tanuki”, which have been sold together for more than 40 years since their release, and “My Hero Academia”, where boys and girls aiming to become heroes at UA High School and grow together, are both popular with various people. This collaboration was realized because they have a lot of warm memories in common.
On December 1st, a collaboration movie was released on the collaboration website. In addition, we are planning to carry out a special collaboration project that can be enjoyed at the store.

【Event details】
「My Hero Academia × AkaMidori Collaboration Movie」
Release date: December 1st (Wednesday) 17:00

Published: TV anime “My Hero Academia” x “Akai Kitsune Midori Tanuki Udon” collaboration website

<Movie content>

Collaboration movie (Akai Kitsune): The main character, Izuku Midoriya, and UA High School 1-A classmate Uraraka Ochako will ppear. While the taste of Akai Kitsune udon permeates Ochako, Deku will analyze it.


Collaboration movie (Midori Tanuki): A story in which Izuku (Deku) looks back on his memories at UA High School, triggered by the midori tanuki udon.


・TV anime “My Hero Academia” × “Akai Kitsune Midori Tanuki” collaboration site:https://www.akamidori.jp/heroaca/
・Collaboration movie (Akai Kitsune): https://youtu.be/zdh6o7y11fA
・Collaboration movie (Midori Tanuki): https://youtu.be/dOs_k9-Tl08

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