First collaboration of “Sushi Choushimaru” × “Pompompurin” commemorating its 45th anniversary!

From October 22nd, Choushimaru and Sanrio are holding the “45th ANNIVERSARY Festival” with Sanrio’s popular character “Pompompurin”, which will be the 25th anniversary year of the character as well.

©2021 SANRIO CO., LTD.

©2021 SANRIO CO., LTD.

As a special project for the festival, “Choushimaru x Pompompurin original antibacterial multi-case (2 types)” will be changed every period from November 2nd, which is the founding date of Choushimaru, for every 2,000 yen (excluding tax). We are carrying out a campaign to give gifts on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition, from the same day, a Twitter follow and retweet campaign will be held in which 45 people will be given a “Choushimaru x Pompompurin original antibacterial multi-case (2 types set)” by lottery on the official Twitter account of Sushi Choushimaru.

【Event Details】

「45th ANNIVERSARY Festival」
Event Period:October 22 (Fri) to November 24 (Wed)
Event Venue:Sushi Choushimaru, Sushi Choushimaru Masa

* Status of stock and the type of material may change depending on the arrival status due to conditions such as weather.

* Regarding the contents of this release, some product contents are different in Choushimaru Masa.

<Sushi Choushimaru x Pompompurin Original novelty gift>
1st: November 2nd (Tuesday) to 11th (Thursday)

2nd: November 12th (Friday) to 24th (Wednesday)

* It will end as soon as the novelty is all distributed.

* Up to 2 tickets per account.

 <Sanrio Puroland Pair Passport Present>

Only customers registered in the Choushimaru official app will be given a Sanrio Puroland pair passport by lottery to 368 people in 184 groups.

* Registered customers by November 24th are eligible for the lottery. * Even if you have already registered, you will be eligible for the lottery.

<Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign>

Application period: November 2nd (Tuesday) to 8th (Monday) 23:59

* The above special projects are implemented at all types of sushi Choushimaru, Sushi Choushimaru Masa, Edo-mae Sushi Hyakumanishi, and Sushi Choushimaru takeout specialty stores.

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・「Sushi Choushimaru」Official Site:
・「Sushi Choushimaru」Official Twitter:
・「Sushi Choushimaru」Official Instagram:

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