Introducing a new commercial featuring the “House Defense Corps” formed by the Kasukabe Defence Force

On October 1st, the General Insurance Association of Japan released a new CM Crayon Shin-chan’s “National 〇x Quiz Introduction CM “using the characters of the famous anime Crayon Shin-chan. In addition, it is scheduled to be broadcasted during the anime broadcast frame of “Crayon Shin-chan”.

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Through the quiz content “Let’s learn with us! “Home Defense Corps”! Nationwide ◯ × quiz to prepare for earthquakes” released on the special website on August 26, we will reiterate the need for earthquake preparedness and earthquake insurance.
The new commercial for this time begins with Shin-chan’s question “What if an earthquake occurs?”. Shin-chan, Kazama-kun, Nene-chan, Bo-chan, and Masao-kun of the Kasukabe Defense Force, which usually protects peace in Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture, form a home defense team, and everyone can learn about preparing for an earthquake, introducing “Nationwide ◯ × Quiz to prepare for an earthquake”. Finally, Shin-chan lined up with everyone in the “House Defense Corps” and Shiro. The appearance of calling for learning to prepare for an earthquake is a message that reaches from children to adults.

In the commercial, “Shin-chan”, which often appears in “Crayon Shin-chan”, explodes. “Shin-chan” was mistaken for “Tofu prefecture” when he said “prefecture” in line with the introduction of the prefecture quiz content. Shin-chan’s mother, who can send a frosty look to everyone in the “House Defense Corps”, has an ability in which she can put in a sharp tsukkomi with her hands open. Don’t miss Shin-chan’s hilarious tofu costume.

Crayon Shin-chan “Nationwide 〇 × quiz to prepare for an earthquake” Introduction CM

CM release date: October 1st (Friday)

TV broadcast date: October 2nd (Saturday)

*Airing every Saturday, which is the airing day of Crayon Shin-chan (October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30)

*Scheduled to air in January and March 2022.

<Nationwide ◯ × quiz to prepare for an earthquake>

Quiz content where you can learn about earthquake preparedness, earthquake insurance, and the probability of disasters by prefecture / city / ward / town / village together with the Home Defense Corps. You can easily learn about earthquake preparedness from your smartphone. (*You can also enjoy the trial version from your computer) The quiz starts by selecting the prefecture/city where you live. If you answer all the quizzes, you can check the disaster risk and earthquake insurance information of the selected prefecture/city. The problems and explanations that are easy for children and adults to challenge are all full-fledged ones that are useful in practice.

Starting on August 26th, the version has been upgraded due to the popularity of 150,000 participants. The number of quiz questions to prepare for an earthquake has tripled to 21 questions. With this version upgrade, we announced the top 5 prefectures with a high percentage of correct answers. As a result, Tokushima Prefecture with a correct answer rate of 75% ranked first. Kagoshima Prefecture was second, followed by Nagasaki Prefecture. Mie prefecture and Nara prefecture came in 4th place at the same rate. In all of the TOP5 prefectures, the percentage of correct answers exceeds 70%.

<Supervisor profile>

Nobue Kunizaki

Representative of Crisis Management Education Research Institute

Crisis management advisor

Born in Yokohama. She advocates disaster prevention, crime prevention, and accident prevention measures for homes, communities, and businesses from the perspective of women and consumers. In addition to giving lectures, writing, and risk management consulting, she is a member of the Cabinet Office “Disaster Prevention Specialist Training Planning Study Group” and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government “Earthquake Reconstruction Study Group”. She is now NHK Radio She is My Asa! Information is provided in the “Crisis Management of Living” section, TV, and newspapers. Her books include “50 Ways to Protect Children from Huge Earthquakes” (Bronze Shinsha), “Jishin no Ehon What to Do When She Is Like This” (Poplar Publishing), and “Disaster Prevention Handbook for Nursery Teachers” (Hikari no Kuni).

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