Polar Singapore × Hello Kitty: New themed Muffnuts & Pastel cakes!

Polar Puffs and Cakes Singapore has introduced new collaboration with Hello Kitty, announcing various themed cakes and “muffnuts” to its selection of sweet treats.

Established back in 1926, Polar’s very first outlet was located on 51 High Street was well-loved for the signature Curry Puffs as well as a selection of ice-cream and chilled refreshments. Polar Café was the go-to place for politicians, lawyers and businessmen due to its strategic location near the trading harbor, and has become a famous cake and bakery store ever since.

With this new collaboration with Hello Kitty, there will be several kinds of cakes for the customer to choose and enjoy.

Hello Muffnut

The “Hello Muffnut” is essentially the fusion of a muffin and doughnut.

Each muffnut features a glazed orange-flavoured sponge and is adorned with a chocolate bow — just like the character it is inspired by.

Customers can purchase a box of six muffnuts for S$28.90, which works out to be around S$4.80 per muffnut. Each box will contain two of each colour: pink, green and white.

Hello Kitty cakes

Polar Puffs and Cakes has also released new Hello Kitty cakes in three designs: Kitty & Friends (S$51.90), Summer Fun Kitty (S$51.90) and Dazzling Kitty (S$62.90). As the cakes are made every morning, customers are required to place their orders five days in advance.

Both the Hello Muffnut and Hello Kitty cakes are available at all outlets and on Polar Puffs & Cakes’ e-store.

Polar Puffs & Cakes Official Site and Online Store: https://polarpuffs-cakes.com/

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