10th anniversary special collaboration of “Shin-Shizuoka Cenova” × “Licca-chan”

“Shin-Shizuoka Cenova” operated and managed by Shizutetsu Property Management will celebrate its 10th anniversary on October 5th. With a feeling of gratitude for 10 years, the 10th Anniversary in collaboration with the fashion icon “Licca-chan (by TAKARATOMY)”, which has been loved for generations, will be held from September 22nd to October 31st.

In this special collaboration, the hall will be filled with Licca-chan’s decorations, and you can experience it only in Cenova, such as “Licca’s Room” produced by Cenova and “Licca’s Gallery” where you can meet Licca-chan wearing 14 different outfits. You can enjoy content that you cannot do anywhere else.

At each shop, “Licca-chan collaboration products” are sold, “Licca-chan” as a package items, meals offered on a luncheon mat designed by “Licca-chan”, and original limited book covers are sold. “Licca-chan POP UP SHOP” will also open for a limited time.
In addition, at the industry-academia joint exhibition “SHIZUDE Fashion Collection” with Shizuoka Design College with “Licca-chan” designed arts produced by 45 students will be exhibited. Furthermore, on the official Instagram of Cenova, the style in which “Licca-chan” enjoys Cenova will be announced as “Licca’s Life Style”.

There are also many other 10th Anniversary events such as LuLuCa 5-times points reward, 20% appreciation return campaign, and gift campaign. Each shop will develop 10th anniversary limited products and campaigns. Although uneasy days continue due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we will do our best to express gratitude and energy from the 10th anniversary of Cenova through fashion and food.

In addition, in the second part of the renewal following the first part of the renewal (in June), all nine stores will open on September 22nd. The renewal over two terms has finally been completed, and the number of stores will be further enhanced, centering on the food zone of food sales and restaurants. Shin-Shizuoka Cenova will continue to take on the challenge of helping everyone tomorrow under the new brand copy “Toward the sunny direction”.

【Event Details】
10th Anniversary Licca-chan’s special Collaboration
Period:September 22 (Wed) – October 31 (Mon) [40 days]

<Licca’s Room -Licca-chan’s room->

“Licca-chan’s room” produced by Cenova is now available. With the brand mix, you can check autumn trend items from fashion to miscellaneous goods. You can get app coupons only in the photo spots that has the Licca-chan BOX and in Licca-chan’s room.

Period: September 22nd (Wed) – October 31st (Sun)

* On weekdays after September 24th (Fri), only photo spots and coupons can be obtained.

Location: 2nd floor, next to the central elevator Special venue

<Licca’s Gallery -Licca-chan Gallery->

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Cenova, an autumn gallery by “Licca-chan” has opened. The fashionable “Licca-chan” with 14 outfits from each shop welcomes you. Introducing 10th anniversary limited items and recommended autumn items.

Period: September 22nd (Wed) – October 31st (Sun)

Location: 5th floor West escalator side special venue

<Licca’s Life Style -Licca’s Lifestyle->

Introducing the style that “Licca-chan” enjoys Cenova, with 10th anniversary limited products and recommended lunch sweets, on the official Cenova Instagram account.

Period: From September 22nd (Wed) onward


<Licca Collaboration Item -Licca-chan collaboration product->

Licca-chan collaboration products are now available. All are limited items that can only be purchased at Cenova.

Period: From September 22nd (Wed) – Ends as soon as it runs out


【Event Details】

・”Special Package & Lunch Mat”

At the B1 food party (food sales), 10th anniversary limited products will appear in a “special package” with a Licca-chan sticker as a landmark. In addition, some stores on the 3rd floor Cenova Kitchen (food court) and all stores on the 5th floor Cenova the Dining (restaurant) offer products at “Licca-chan Special Luncheon Mat”.

Period: From September 22nd (Wed) – Ends as soon as it runs out

・”Autumn Makeup & Skin care advice”

“Licca-chan” uses the model’s limited advice sheet to give advice on recommended makeup and skin care for autumn.

Period: From September 22nd (Wed) – Ends as soon as it runs out

Target stores: Orbis / Cosmetic Index / Fushimiya / FANCL / Fruit Gathering

・ “Original limited BOOK cover” gift

When you purchase a paperback book, you will receive an original BOOK cover designed by “Licca-chan”.

Period: From September 22nd (Wed) – Ends as soon as it runs out

Target stores: 5F MARUZEN & Junkudo Bookstore

・ Licca-chan POP UP SHOP

A large collection of “Licca-chan dolls” and goods for a limited time. Not only “Licca-chan” loved by a wide range of generations, but also the new doll series “#Licca” is on sale.

Period: October 1st (Fri) – 31st (Sun)

Location: 3F Tokyu Hands

・SHIZUDE Fashion Collection                                 
 A masterpiece of 45 first and second year students in the fashion design department of Shizuoka Design College has appeared in Cenova. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Cenova, Licca-chan, who was designed and produced under the theme of “2011-2021 Fashion History-Autumn-“, will be exhibited.

Period: September 22nd (Wed) – October 31st (Sun)

Location: 2nd floor, next to the central escalator Special venue

“Licca-chan dress-up sewing BOOK series”

Exhibits of works published in “Licca-chan Dress-up Sewing BOOK Series” (Boutique) where you can make clothes and accessories for Licca-chan.

Period: September 22nd (Wed) – October 31st (Sun)

Location: 5F MARUZEN & Junkudo Bookstore Special Venue

<Part 2 of the renewal>

Following the first part of the renewal in June, all nine stores will open in the second part of this renewal. The renewal centered on the food sales/food zone is finally complete.

Renewal date: September 22 (Wednesday)

Renewal store:

B1 food party (food sales) 4 stores

3F Cenova Kitchen (Food Court) 3 stores

4F Casual Lifestyle 1 store

5F Cenova the Dining (restaurant) 1 store

Total: 9 stores (* including relocation / renovation)

5 new stores (including 2 stores for the first time in the prefecture, 1 store for new formats)

Relocation / renovation: 4 stores

* Business while working to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

・ Shin-Shizuoka Cenova Official Website: https://www.cenova.jp/

・ Licca-chan official website: https://licca.takaratomy.co.jp/official/

・ Licca-chan official Twitter: https://twitter.com/bonjour_licca

・ Licca-chan official Instagram: https://instagram.com/bonjour_licca/

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