KAKAO Friends mask released only in Taiwan!

During the epidemic, masks have become a must-have item for people to go out. In addition to becoming more and more particular about pattern design, the level of protection has become an important part of purchasing. If you want to find a good-looking one, you can find it here with the new hot-selling KAKAO FRIENDS joint medical masks, exclusively sold in Taiwan.

KAKAO FRIENDS, a super-popular characters in South Korea, has launched an exclusive limited edition of 4 types of medical masks. They are fashionable and stylish gradient line models, with yellow as the main color presenting gradient colors, with various poses of cute characters!

Ryan along with his pals are on the masks with various designs, all of which will accompany you when you go outside to protect you from the virus. There are many designs which are suitable for any age and gender. 

Each style of KAKAO FRIENDS joint medical masks is sold in packs of 5 pieces. Everyone can directly buy them directly on KAKAO_official or Dashu shopping online. You can also buy them at nearby 7-11 stores or the Dashu Pharmacy anywhere in Taiwan. 

KAKAO Mask Official Site: https://www.kakaofficial.com.tw/kakaomask

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