“ONE PIECE” limited cans from the “Wanda” brand are now available!

Asahi Soft Drinks including “Wanda Morning Shot”, “Wanda Gold Fine Sugar”, “Wanda Extreme Black/Fine Sugar/Cafe Au Lait”, “Wanda Flame Roasting”, and “Wanda Morning Shot Black” releasing on September 14th with the designed cans (44 types in total) of the work “ONE PIECE”, which is popular with a wide range of people and is also popular with men who are the main target group of the “Wanda” brand, will be released sequentially from the beginning of September.


The designed cans of popular anime became popular with the release of “Lupin III” in 2019, “Kameari Koenmae Hakkosho in Katsushika Ward” in March 2020, and “Attack on Titans” limited cans in September of the same year. 

This time, limited edition cans with the illustration of “ONE PIECE” will be released sequentially at convenience stores, supermarkets, vending machines, etc. nationwide from the beginning of September. Each product has a theme setting, “Wanda Morning Shot” is “~CREWS Straw Hat Pirates~”, “Wanda Gold Fine Sugar” is “~VOYAGE Coloring Character~”, and “Wanda Morning Shot Black” is “~TEAMS Reigning Powerful Power~ “. “Wanda Flame Roasting” is “~FLAME Flame Character~”, “Wanda Goku Black/Fine Sugar/Cafe au lait” is “~Straw Hat Pirates Wano Country Edition~”.


【Product Details】
“Wanda Morning Shot” can 185g, 12 types in total

“Wanda gold fine sugar” can 185g, 12 types in total

“Wanda Morning Shot Black” can 185g, 12 types in total

“Roasted Wanda Flame” can 185g, 5 types in total

“Wanda Goku” bottle can black 400g, fine sugar/cafe au lait 370g, 1 type each

・”Asahi Soft Drinks” Official Website:https://www.asahiinryo.co.jp/

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