First Sailor Moon Café opened in Taiwan!

Taiwan’s first “Sailor Moon Café” is now set in the East District of Taipei, offering many menus such as  cakes and desserts, with sale of limited items. 

In this first ever café “Sailor Moon Crystal Limited Dessert Shop”, the store’s exterior is greeted with super eye-catching pink and full of Sailor Moon characters such as Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Sailor Mars, and so much more. The limited food menu is also very attractive with designs inspired by Sailor Moon. 

There are many desserts to pick from such as, sailor moon cup cakes, macarons, rainbow cakes, and fantasy drinks representing the colors of each of the Sailor Squad. Limited time items are also available for purchase at the shop section for all the fans to collect.

Sailor Moon Crystal limited-time dessert shop reservation information

Address: No. 9-1, Lane 177, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City

Online reservation URL

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