“Rosette face-wash pasta” × “Crayon Shin-chan” Collaboration!

In collaboration with “Crayon Shin-chan”, Rosette sends out the brand message of “Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta”, a facial cleanser that is close to each person’s skin problems, with the theme of “Don’t worry, skin comes first”. From July 1st, OOH (traffic advertising) centered on JR lines and stations, WEB video distribution, SNS campaigns, and other promotions will be rolled out in sequence.

Now that a wide variety of values are valued, there are many skin problems, care methods, and options, and “Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta” is supported by many people as a facial cleanser that is close to each person’s skin problems. And with the rapid changes in the environment since 2020, the stress we feel and the worries we carry have become even more diverse. A promotion featuring “Misae Nohara”, who is the mother of Shinnosuke Nohara, the main character of “Crayon Shin-chan”, and who is working hard to support her family every day despite having many worries, will be carried out.
This project will start with the opening of a special site, large post boards on the platform of JR Yamanote Line station and posters hanging in trains, distribute videos and banner advertisements on WEB media, and also gift campaigns on SNS.

Don’t worry about your precious skin. First of all, we want you to regain your “always self” from your skin. This summer, we will deliver the feelings of Rosette together with the characters of “Crayon Shin-chan”.
<Concept Messages>
Now that you can’t do what you want to do, you have to deal with it.

There is also uncertain anxiety. Things don’t always go as planned, but don’t worry about your skin. First of all, let’s regain your “always self” from your skin.

【Campaign details】
<OOH (traffic advertisement) posting>
JR station platform large board

Period: From July 1st (Thursday) 

Posted sequentially, scheduled to end on July 28th (Wednesday)

Posting station:

・ Shinjuku (Sobu Line Home / Yamanote Line Outer Loop Home)

・ Shibuya (Yamanote Line outer loop home)

・ Shinagawa (Yamanote Line Inner Loop Home)

・ Meguro (Yamanote Line outer loop home)

・ Tokyo (Keihin Tohoku Line Northbound Home)

・ Akihabara (Yamanote Line outer loop home)

・ Ueno (Keihin Tohoku Line Northbound Home)

・ Ikebukuro (Yamanote Line outer loop platform)

Board size: H3,000mm x W4,000mm / H3,000mm x W8,000mm (Tokyo only) 

<JR East hanging poster>
Period: July 12th (Monday) to 18th (Sunday)

Target routes: Within each vehicle along the JR Greater Tokyo Area

・ Yamanote Line Group (Yamanote Line, Joban Line, Yokosuka Line, Sobu Line Rapid, Tsukuba Express)

Poster size: B3W (H364mm x W1,030mm)

* Periods and routes are subject to change without notice.

* Inquiries to the station and station staff are not possible.

<Twitter Campaign>
Rosette x Crayon Shin-chan Always Skin gift campaign

Period: July 26th (Monday) – August 15th (Sunday)

≪Held for 3 consecutive weeks≫

・ July 26th (Monday) – August 1st (Sunday)

・ August 2nd (Monday) – August 8th (Sunday)

・ August 9th (Monday) – August 15th (Sunday)

<WEB Videos>
WEB-only videos will be released from Thursday, July 1st, and will be distributed on various media at any time. 

・”Rosette” x “Crayon Shin-chan” Collaboration Special Site:https://rosette-itsumohada.jp
・Rosette Face-wash Pasta Official Website:https://pasta.rosette.jp/

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