Underwear brand “HIP SHOP” × “Dragon Ball Z” Collaboration

“HIPSHOP”, a brand that develops items that make everyday life vivid and enjoyable, has released underwear items in collaboration with Japan’s famous anime “Dragon Ball Z”.


 (C) Bird Studio / Toei Animation PROVISION.inc

The anime “Dragon Ball Z” is a popular work that has been loved for generations all over the world. Goku and his friends come to the designs of new HIPSHOP original underwear items. We are developing 6 kinds of designs including newly created illustrations of characters who are active in “Dragon Ball Z”.

The back style is a HIPSHOP-like design with dynamic characters. The front style is an irresistible design for fans who cut out the poses and scenes that are characteristic of anime.

The special package has a vivid design with one-star to seven-star spheres. And kids’ sizes that parents and children can enjoy are also available at the same time.

Furthermore, if you purchase a collaboration product with “Dragon Ball Z” at the store, you will get a HIPSHOP original limited production shopper bag designed with Son Goku and Piccolo.

* Ends as soon as it runs out.

【Product info】
Pre-order sale: June 11 (Friday)

Nationwide sale: June 18 (Friday)

Dealers: HIPSHOP stores, HIPSHOP official online store, ZOZOTOWN, Rakuten ONLINE STORE

Price: 2,500 yen each (tax included)

Line up:

Son Goku 



Master Roshi 



6 types in total

SIZE: Men’s / M (waist 76-84 cm)

          Men’s / L (waist 84-94 cm)

          Men’s / LL (waist 94-104 cm)

Kids / 110 (waist 49-55 cm)

Kids / 130 (waist 53-59 cm)

TYPE: Transfer print polyester molding-front closed
・HIPSHOP×Dragon Ball Z Official Online Store:https://www.hipshop.jp/fs/hipshop/c/dbz2
・HIPSHOP Official Online Store:https://www.hipshop.jp

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