“Chibi Maruko-chan” × “Waseda Academy Summer Workshop”

Waseda Academy, which operates a tutor school for elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students, released a junior high school student cartoon in 3D “Chibi Maruko” for the recruitment of summer seminars to be held from July 21st to August 28th. We have released all the visuals of the latest series of graphic advertisements featuring the characters of “Maruko Chan”, with the new campaign ” Hanawa kun is also here! 2021 Summer Workshop “.

「Hanawa kun is also here! 2021 Summer Workshop」
All visuals

Start date: Sequentially from June 1st (Tuesday)

Cast: 3D “Chibi Maruko-chan”, Hanawa Kun

Advertisement destination: Traffic advertisement on Waseda Academy official website

<Train Station>

Implementation period: June 7th (Monday) to June 13th (Sunday) * Release time varies depending on the medium.

Placed on: JR Line, Tokyo Metro Lines, Tokyu Line

<Inside vehicles>

Implementation period:

JR Line: June 1st (Tuesday) to June 30th (Wednesday)

Private railway lines: June 7th (Monday) to June 13th (Sunday)

Places: JR Line, Tokyo Metro, Tokyu Line, Keio Line, Seibu Line, Odakyu Line, Tobu Line, Toei Subway, Sagami Railway
Story: An advertising series “Maruko, get serious” that depicts Maruko who became a junior high school student growing up through studying. Her classmate Hanawa Kun first appeared in the 2021 summer training campaign. Maruko and Hanawa Kun are depicted as good companions who work hard while recognizing each other’s individuality, and the visuals of the two standing proudly with their arms crossed are accompanied by a message that makes use of the character characteristics of Maruko and Hanawa Kun.

In addition, visuals and messages focusing on Maruko and Hanawa Kun are also available. During the summer vacation, when there is a big difference depending on the approach, the two decide to do their best in their own way.

It is a new graphic advertisement that can be expected for the two people’s summer efforts.

<Series development from 2020>
The “Maruko, get serious” series is an advertising series that depicts Maruko becoming a junior high school student and becoming serious about studying. In this series, we challenged to make the character 3D, and while leaving the innocence of elementary school students, we are expressing the appearance of becoming a little adult.

When it first appeared in the spring of 20th year, it portrayed Waseda Academy as an opportunity to face study, expressing a new Maruko who became a junior high school student, which is a little different from the image of anime.

Maruko’s best friend, Tama-chan, also appeared in 3D in the 2020 winter training campaign. In addition, in contrast to Maruko, a message that makes use of the serious character of Tama-chan was also developed.

Production staff:

Creative Director & Copywriter: Akiko Mitsui (ADK Creative One)

Art Director: Sosei Masuda (RABBIT)

3D production: Junya Shigematsu, TANGE FILMS

Designer: Kenji Nakato, Katsue Okubo (Creators Group MAC)

Producer: Misao Hayashi (ADK Creative One)

Account Executive: Atsushi Usui, Tomonori Sakaguchi, Takuma Ichisugi, Hiroshi Yoshida, Hikaru Wachi, Taketo Sasaki, Toshiya Kobayashi (ADK Marketing Solutions)

・ “Waseda Academy” official website: https://www.waseda-ac.co.jp/

・ “Waseda Academy” school information: https://www.waseda-ac.co.jp/school/

・ “Waseda Academy” Summer Workshop Special Site: https://www.waseda-ac.co.jp/special/shortcourse_summer/

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