McDonalds Hong Kong’s new Pokemon Packaging released!

As a 25th anniversary of Pokémon this year, McDonalds Hong Kong is pairing up with The Pokémon Company to create a Pikachu-themed happy meal, with packs of Pokémon cards as a bonus.

McDonalds Hong Kong is collaborating with the big videogame franchise Pokemon to bring an adorable selection of Pokémon-themed packaging to the fast food giant’s Hong Kong branches. There will be many new items on the menu, with packaging designed with Pokémon’s main mascot, Pikachu.

New menu items include “Savoury Tomato Flavored Shake Shake Fries,” “Banana Chocolate Wheat Whirlwind,” and “Gillette Crispy Chicken Rice,” will be added to the rosters only within this collaboration period. The “Shake Shake Fries” come in a Pokéball-theme pack, while the other items are either packaged in Pikachu’s face or are emblazoned with a Pikachu pattern.

There will also be McDonald’s Happy Meals surrounded the limited edition Pokémon cards available inside. This collaboration started from May and will be more throughout 2021, so stay tuned.

Fantastic Pokemon Campaign Page:

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