Gongcha × KAKAO FRIENDS launched the cutest new mango shake!

Gongcha Hong Kong and KAKAO FRIENDS launched a new line of mango drinks to tackle the hotness of summer. The mango pearl shake drink, half a cup full of ingredients, plus the milk lid and Q-bomb taste, make the drink full and satiated, most fitting for you to cool off during the season.

The new collaboration started from May 20. The sweet and tender mango smoothie with poplar twig nectar and sweet and sour grapefruit pieces enhance the flavor, and the special coconut milk with a round taste, which perfectly balances the sweetness and sourness of the fresh fruit. Finally, chew on the bottom layer for a refreshing bite. The flavorful green tea jelly, layer by layer, creates an exclusive summer taste bud feast.

For those who love full-bodied mango, you can try the “Cheese Cheese Mango Granules”. The mango smoothie with fresh green tea jelly, topped with Himalaya rose salt and New Zealand cheese. Gently sip the fragrant mozzarella on the upper layer, savor the crushed mango smoothie in the middle layer, and finally mix with the green tea jelly and drink it in one sip to feel the cool and sweet summer flavor.

Gongcha’s brand-new environmentally friendly cup and bag with designs of KAKAO FRIEND’s Ryan and friends will be available for purchase. Purchase 2 cups of designated beverages from the “KAKAO Mango Loves You” series and you can buy the items at an additional price of 99 yuan. Other Gong Cha x KAKAO FRIENDS co-branded merchandises will also be available with varied prices.

During the epidemic prevention period, Gongcha provides electronic payment methods, online meal delivery and reservation services, and a delivery platform to reduce contact between personnel and strictly implement epidemic prevention and disinfection operations at various stores. You can also enjoy mangoes at home and office.

Gongcha Hong Kong Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hkgongcha/

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