ONE PIECE × menu Collaboration “Let’s go, big delivery era!” started!

The food delivery & take-out app “menu” operated by menu has been carrying out a collaboration project “Let’s go, big delivery era!” with the popular anime “ONE PIECE” from April 19th.


© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Fuji TV / Toei Animation

Menu, which started providing delivery services in April 2020, is actively expanding nationwide to expand the delivery area to 47 prefectures this time. With the rapid expansion of the delivery area, we wanted people all over the country to enjoy the excitement of food through the menu, so we collaborated with the popular anime “ONE PIECE” to carry out the “Let’s go, big delivery era!” campaign.

In the first installment, to commemorate the start of the collaboration, we created a special commercial that depicts popular characters appearing in “ONE PIECE” ordering menus in the real world. The TV commercial has been aired since April 22nd.
During the campaign period, if you use the menu to deliver a meal of 2000 yen (tax included) or more, you can get a “menu gacha” that presents limited collaboration goods. Limited collaboration goods such as clear files (19 types in total), tote bags (2 types in total), and tin badges (20 types in total) will be randomly presented.

In the future, menu and “One Piece” will continue to work together to carry out a number of projects that will make meals even more enjoyable.

【Campaign Details】
One Piece x menu collaboration 1st “Appearance” (15 seconds)
WEB release date: April 19 (Monday)

TV broadcast date: April 22 (Thursday)

Broadcast area: 7 core cities (Kanto, Kansai, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Sendai, Hiroshima)

Contents: Draws how popular characters appearing in “One Piece” order menus in the real world.

【Event Overview】
“Let’s go, big delivery era!” 1st Campaign
Contents: During the campaign period, if you use menu to deliver a meal of 2,000 yen (tax included) or more, you will receive a random limited collaboration goods.

Period: April 22 (Thursday) – *Period undecided

Application conditions:

(1) Orderers with a total of 2000 yen or more on the “menu” during the campaign period

* 1 Tip and support money are not included

② Fill in the review of the purchased product

③ Grant a certain number of medals according to the amount of the purchased product

④ Participate in a lottery where you can win limited collaboration goods according to the type and number of medals.

Application flow:

STEP1: Install the menu app

STEP2: Register your e-mail address from “My Page”

STEP3: Access the news from the collaboration special page or “My Page” from the “Delivery” screen in the menu app.

Prizes: Clear file (19 types in total) / Tote bag (2 types in total) / Can badge (20 types in total)

【Product Summary】

Limited collaboration goods details

Clear file (19 types in total)

The front side is a common group picture, and the back side is a menu color red with attractive variations for each character.

Tote bag (2 types in total)

One-piece x menu limited, easy-to-use tote bag (W450mm x H365mm)

Can badges (20 types in total)

The background color is changed for each character to develop colorful variations.

・ “One Piece” x menu collaboration:

・ menu Delivery & Takeout App: 

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