SOLESISTER × Hello Kitty: Hanami Collection Released!

SOLESISTER just released a new collection with collaboration with the famous Hello Kitty. This collection is called “Hanami Collection”.

SOLESISTER is an Indonesian women footwear retailer based in Surabaya. It was founded in 2019 by a couple of best friend who loves shoes. Bonding over a shared passion, they came up with a dream to make an everyday shoes for woman that comfortable, fashionable yet affordable in 2020 SOLESISTER starts to have some collaborations with other local and International brands, to make the shoes even more unique and special.

In this new collection, Hello Kitty will be the main design feature on many shoes products. With the theme “Hanami” or cherry blossoms, the design will be heavily influenced by pink colors with cherry flower elements involved.

The collection can be purchased online on SOLESISTER official web store.

SOLESISTER Official Instagram:

SOLESISTER Online Store:

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