“The Bears’ School” will appear at amusement facilities nationwide from July!

From July, FuRyu has decided to introduce “The Bear’s School” amusement exclusive prizes to amusement facilities nationwide. This is the first time that “The Bears’ School” has been featured as prize items.



“The Bears’ School” is a popular picture book series with a cumulative circulation of over 2.22 million. In recent years, in addition to various goods development, musical performances and TV dramas in which goods that appeared have become a hot topic, and the bear “Jackie” that appears in the work is widely loved by children and adults alike.

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of “The Bears’ School”, which will be celebrated in 2022, the company has a large lineup of prizes filled with the world view of this work. In July, when it first appeared, we prepared a cushion with a 50 cm BIG plush toy and a picture book illustration printed on it. The BIG plush toy that reproduces the cuteness of “Jackie” is also outstandingly comfortable to hold, making it an item that fans cannot miss.

Since then, attractive items are scheduled to appear every month, and details will be released on the FuRyu official website “Character Square” at any time.

【Product details】
「The Bear’s School」
Stores: Amusement facilities nationwide (some stores are not available)

Timing: Scheduled to be installed sequentially from July *It will end as soon as the products are sold out.


Super BIG plush toy (approx. 50 cm, 1 type in total)

Print cushion (approx. 45 x 30 cm, 2 types in total)

* Many items will appear after August.

Publisher: FuRyu

* Request cooperation for new coronavirus infection prevention measures that each local government and store are working on.

* May differ slightly from the actual product.

* Products that are not available and the release date may differ depending on the store.

* The contents of this release are subject to change without notice.

・ “Character Square” special page: http://f-ch.jp/the-bears-school01

・ “The Bears’ School” official website: https://the-bears-school.com

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