Gucci’s Chinese New Year 2021 collaboration with Doraemon!

Gucci is having a new collection featuring the famous Japanese manga and anime character, Doraemon, which also turned 50 years old this year, celebrating the Lunar New Year. Doraemon is beloved by people all over Asia and beyond. He is an embodiment of optimism, creativity and also a childhood icon.  

The collaboration is for both men and women, exclusively for the Year of the Ox. Doraemon is also disguising as a cow to match with the occasion. His design also adapt with the cow theme as his overall color turns brown.  The collection is available on the brand’s digital platforms and select stores, including ones in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. Also, Doraemon will be seen on two Gucci ArtWalls in Shanghai and Hong Kong where he will pose over the GG motif.

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