Gyu-Kaku is introducing “Ultra Meat Day” tagging with “Ultraman”

Gyu-Kaku, run by Colowide Group’s Rains International, is holding “Ultra Meat Day” from February 9th to March 29th, selling a limited menu of Ultraman original goods.


© Tsuburaya Productions

On February 9th, Gyu-Kaku is having the 25th anniversary, selling an “ultra” menu that has been tagged with Ultraman to liven up to the “Ultra Meat Day”. The juicy ultra-rare part “Ultra Calvi” containing sashimi, which weighs only about 400 grams from one cow, and “Ultra”, which shines like Ultraman’s hometown M78 nebula / light country when exposed to the light of a smartphone. “Jelly Punch”, “Ultra Nira Soba” with garlic, leek, black pepper and super punch on a soy sauce base, and “Ultra Red Hot Jjigae”, the most exciting and super spicy in the history of beef. If you order these Ultra Menus, you will receive Gyu-Kaku’s original Ultraman coaster and Ultra Monster Paper Apron (first come first served basis).

* One Gyu-Kaku original Ultraman coaster will be given to each person when ordering the Ultra menu (no matter how many items are ordered, one per person).

* The policy period is subject to change without notice.


Ultra Karubi 759yen

Ultra jelly punch 429yen

Ultra leek soba 869yen

Ultra Red Hot Jjigae 759yen

<Safety and security efforts to prevent infection with the new coronavirus>
Wearing masks: Thorough wearing of masks for all employees

Hand wash disinfection: Thorough regular hand wash and alcohol disinfection for all employees during business hours

Splash prevention: Splash prevention guards are installed in some seats that are close to each other.

Regular ventilation: Exhaust by the roaster replaces the air in the entire audience in about 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

* Theoretical value based on measurement results at some stores based on roaster displacement

Alcohol installation: Installation of alcohol disinfectant at all stores

Disinfection of in-store equipment: Thorough disinfection and disinfection of places that are easy for visitors to touch, tables, sauce containers, etc. each time they are used 

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