Gongcha × KAKAO FRIENDS launching 3 limited season drinks and items!

Gongcha X KAKAO FRIENDS has once again collaborate and are launching 3 limited strawberry season drinks with other items such as anti-epidemic mask storage boxes and red envelopes.

These new drinks will feature strawberry, which is in the season right now. The details of the drinks are as below.

Strawberry Gem Latte with Milk Cover

Strawberry black tea latte is an extremely popular drink in Korea. It is combined with jewel-like strawberry pearls and rich milky aroma, slightly sour and sweet. Finally, it is topped with Gongcha’s signature salty and sweet milk cap, which makes people fall in love with every sip.

Lemon Strawberry Gem Fruit Tea (Ice)

Green tea is used as the base and fresh lemon juice is added to reconcile the perfect ratio. Paired with sweet strawberry gems, sweet and sour strawberry fruity aftertaste with slightly sour lemon green tea, and multi-layered aroma. Those who like refreshing tea may wish to choose this.

Lemon Strawberry Gem Fruit Tea (Hot)

In addition to cold drinks, lemon strawberry gem nectar can also be made into hot drinks. The warm strawberry lemon nectar is added with Q bomb strawberry pearls, and finally sprinkled with cranberry crisp slices. The aroma is overflowing, and it comes in cold weather. A cup of super healing.

KAKAO FRIENDS with hello cover box

Let Gongcha and the cutest KAKAO FRIENDS accompany everyone with masks during the epidemic, and store masks for everyone to protect the health of yourself, family, and friend.

How to buy: Starting from January 28, any purchase of 2 cups of designated new drinks can be purchased at an additional price of NT$69.

KAKAO FRIENDS Gong Xi Fa Cai Hong Bao

With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, KAKAO FRIENDS also turned into a cute red envelope bag.

How to buy: From now, spend NT$159 or above, and include 1 cup of KAKAO FRIENDS collab series, you can buy one KAKAO FRIENDS Gong Xi Fa Cai Hong Bao red envelope.

Gongcha Official Website: https://www.gong-cha.com/en

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