“Detective Conan” Mystery Game and Education Site released!

Shogakukan Shueisha Productions has renewed the brand of “Manabi with”, which is a correspondence course for infants and elementary school students. “Detective Conan Zemi(Seminar)”, which cultivates “power of inspiration” from elementary school students to adults (junior high school students and above), will start in the spring of 2021, and it will be held at “Next Generation World Hobby Fair Online” from January 16th. “Detective Conan Zemi(Seminar)” Mystery game trial version is now released.

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

© Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan / Yomiuri TV / TMS 1996

“Detective Conan Zemi(Seminar)” is for elementary school students who enjoy navigating the characters of “Detective Conan” and “Mystery Game” which can be solved while watching the anime of “Detective Conan” using their personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. It is a new edutainment service that consists of two services, “correspondence education”, and allows elementary school students to adults to choose the style that suits them.

“Detective Conan Zemi(Seminar)” Mystery Game trial version is released at “Next Generation World Hobby Fair Online” which is being held from January 16th. A game that develops “power of inspiration” by working on Nazotoki(Mystery Game) while watching a selection of popular episodes of the anime “Detective Conan” and acquiring five skills (spatial cognitive skill, reasoning skill, reading skill, logic skill, intuition skill). It has become. Another feature is that you can collect “inspiration points” that you can get the correct answer and enjoy “support character exchange” and “card collection” as rewards.

“Nazotoki” delivers episodes about twice a week and about eight times a month. The course for elementary school students is a volume where you can concentrate on 5 questions, including learning elements such as Japanese language and math, for about 20 minutes each time. From elementary school students to adults (junior high school students and above), basic course (for elementary school students 1st and 2nd grade), advanced course (for elementary school 3rd to 6th grade students), expert course (for junior high school students to adults), story master course (junior high school students and above) 4 courses (for adults) are available. Not only can children enjoy learning by themselves, but they can also deepen communication by working on Nazotoki while watching anime together with their families.

The learning content that has been delivered as “Learning with” so far is the same as the workbook (Japanese language, math, “Thinking master tool”, “Complex subject problem”), which is the character of “Detective Conan”, Edogawa Conan, and the Boy Detectives gang will appear. Navigating will make learning firm, easy, and happily. As usual, you can choose from two types of classes: delivery of teaching materials that deliver workbooks to your home once a month, or PDF version that can be displayed and printed at home.

Similar to “Learning with”, it incorporates many problems of “reading comprehension/composition” in Japanese and “figures” in mathematics, and acquire “thinking ability/judgment ability/expressive ability” which is emphasized in the new course of study revised in FY2020. In addition, “thinking master tools” to learn skills to organize and deepen one’s thoughts and “complex subject problems” to tackle cross-curricular problems also stimulate children’s intellectual curiosity. The curriculum is enriched by providing correction tests twice a year and teaching materials in English.

Recently, research on methods for incorporating characters into education has been carried out in Japan and overseas, and it has been reported that it enhances learning motivation and learning effect. Conan Edogawa and his friends, who have outstanding reasoning power, can be expected to improve their motivation and learning effect by navigating learning.

Recommended for elementary school students is to take both “Nazotoki”, which is distributed about eight times a month on a web browser, and “Correspondence Education,” which receives a monthly workbook. For example, stimulating children’s intellectual curiosity with “Nazotoki” and organizing and deepening their thoughts with “Thinking Master Tool” in the “Correspondence Education” workbook will continue and for adults as well. It leads to an important opportunity for “inquiry learning”. I think that taking a set in this way will be one of the new learning styles for elementary school students.

* “Inquiry learning” is a learning method that develops thinking ability, judgment ability, expressive ability, etc. by collecting, organizing, and analyzing information on tasks, and making presentations and discussions independently.

“Detective Conan Zemi(Seminar)” is an “edutainment” service that allows children and adults to enjoy learning from the desire to respond to the “more” voices of Shogakukan’s correspondence education “Learning with” members.

・Next Generation World Hobby Fair’s Official Page:https://www.whobby.com/
・「Detective Conan Zemi(Seminar)」PV:https://youtu.be/V3wWcfdvTG0
・「Detective Conan Zemi(Seminar)」Official Site:https://conan-zemi.shopro.co.jp/

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