“Kate Spade New York” × “Disney” Collaboration

Kate Spade New York has released the “Disney × Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Collection” in collaboration with “Disney”, which puts the spotlight on “Minnie Mouse”.



Along with the “Minnie Mouse,” which is said to have contributed significantly to the spread of polka dots as a fashion icon since she first appeared in polka dot skirts in the 1920s, it is a worldwide memorial of Kate Spade’s representative print, celebrating the “National Polka Dot Day” on January 22nd.

The collaboration collection from the four categories of dressed up “Minnie Mouse” and polka dot print matching are handbags, small leather goods, tech items such as iphone cases and ring stands, and ready-to-wear, excludes some stores. There are available at Kate Spade New York stores and official online stores nationwide.

<Minnie Mouse>

The eternal girlfriend of “Mickey Mouse”. Debuted with “Mickey Mouse” on “Steamboat Willie” (1928). Due to her cheerful and compassionate personality, she has many friends and is popular. She has performed with Mickey Mouse in over 70 works, showing off her singing and dancing talents.

<Kate Spade New York> Introduced in 1993 with six representative handbags, it always praises the positive femininity. Today, it has grown into a global brand that offers not only handbags that enrich life and style, but also apparel, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, tech items, fragrances, children, and everything that colors everyday life.

・「Kate Spade New York」×「Disney」https://www.katespade.jp/new-arrivals/new-collection/1217/

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