Gokurakuyu × TV anime “Osomatsu-san” Collaboration!

From December 14th, Gokurakuyu will hold a collaboration campaign with the TV anime “Osomatsu-san” at 32 stores of the Gokurakuyu RAKU SPA Group.

(C) 赤塚不二夫/おそ松さん製作委員会

 (C) Fujio Akatsuka / Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee


Date: December 14th (Monday) – January 13th (Wednesday), 2021

*Some stores are open until January 7, 2021 (Thursday)

Holding stores: Gokurakuyu / RAKU SPA Group 32 stores

Details of the event (some stores are not eligible for collaboration):

・ Sale of “Osomatsu-san Plus Set” where you can get a random towel with a six-character design

・ Follow & RT campaign to get a clear file of collaboration limited design

・ Sale of newly drawn illustration goods

・ Collaboration menu where you can get a coaster with a collaboration limited design

・ Collaboration bath with the image of a character

・ Photo spots such as life-sized panels of newly drawn illustrations and in-house rule posters using scenes from TV animation

 ■ Osomatsu-san plus set sale

When you enter the store, if you pay the entrance fee + Osomatsu-san plus set fee, you will receive a random gift of a collaboration limited design towel using illustrations drawn by six children.

 Osomatsu-san Plus Set

All 6 types of tenugui Admission fee + Osomatsu-san plus set fee 700 yen (excluding tax)

■ Limited clear file gift

Gokurakuyu / RAKU SPA (Official) Follow Twitter, retweet the campaign tweet, and present it at the reception desk of the store, you will receive a clear file with a collaboration limited design on a first-come, first-served basis.

■ Goods sales

Collaboration limited goods are sold at stores. Illustrations drawn by 6 Osomatsu and others, and limited-edition goods in the open-air bath will also appear.

In addition, the official online shop of Gokurakuyu will sell orders for online shop limited goods and sell some goods at the same time.

<Sales goods>

・All 2 types of mask cases 1,500 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 6 types of mini canvas 800 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 6 types of Acrylic stand with rotating clip 800 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 6 types of acrylic hair rubber 600 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 6 types of Acrylic card 800 yen each (excluding tax)

 ・All 6 types of Acrylic stand key holder 800 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 2 types of votive tablets 1,200 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 6 types of can badges 500 yen each (excluding tax)

 ・All 6 types of hand towels 1,100 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 2 types of canvas pouches 900 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 2 types of canvas totes 1,900 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 2 types of Folding pass case 1,800 yen each (excluding tax)

・All 2 types of collaboration limited canvas (online shop limited order sale) 4,800 yen (excluding tax) 

■ Collaboration menu that you can get a coaster

Collaboration menu is sold at the restaurant. Those who order the collaboration menu will receive a random coaster with a collaboration limited design using illustrations drawn by the six characters.

❤ types of collaboration food>

“Osomatsu I am the eldest son!” Bright red sun pasta 1,380 yen (excluding tax)

“Jūshimatsu’s feet will be faster?” A little spicy omelet curry 1,580 yen (excluding tax)

“Todomatsu I want to be loved!” Pink roast beef salad 1,280 yen (excluding tax)

❤ types of collaboration desserts>

Karamatsu Parfait 980 yen (excluding tax)

“Choromatsu The most decent???” Uji Matcha Cake Parfait 980 yen (excluding tax)

Ichimatsu parfait I want to eat with a cat 680 yen (excluding tax)

<6 types of collaboration drinks> 650 yen each (excluding tax)

Osomatsu Pomegranate Raspberry

Karamatsu lychee mango

Choromatsu Muscat Pine

Ichimatsu Blueberry Melon

Jushimatsu pine citrus lemon

Steller sea lion peach orange

■ Collaboration bath

During the following period, baths in the image colors of 6 Osomatsu and others will appear randomly. During the collaboration bath, there will be a panel with illustrations drawn by the six children that match the character. Some stores also have baths for people other than six.

1st time: December 14th (Monday) to 18th (Friday)

2nd time: December 26th (Sat) to 30th (Wed)

Osomatsu no Yu: Flower colon scent

Karamatsu no Yu: Eucalyptus scent

Choromatsu no Yu: Gyokuro scent

Ichimatsu no Yu: Acai scent

Jushimatsu no Yu: Grapefruit & lemongrass scent

Todomatsu no Yu: Rose & sandalwood scent

Kamimatsu no Yu: Oriental scent 

■ Photo spot

A life-sized panel of illustrations drawn by 6 Osomatsu and others, a banner, a tapestry, and a rule poster in the hall using scenes will appear.

 <Notes on collaboration campaign>

* Gokuraku Yu Suita store, RAKU SPA 1010 Kanda, RAKU SPA Tsurumi, RAKU SPA GARDEN Nagoya, RAKU CAFE Monzen Nakamachi will be held until January 7, 2021 (Thursday).

* All images and photos are not final.

* The contents are subject to change without notice.

* Check the collaboration website for details and precautions for each collaboration and target stores. 
・ Gokurakuyu: https://www.gokurakuyu.ne.jp/

・ RAKU SPA: https://www.rakuspa.com/

・ Collaboration details page: https://rakuspa.com/osomatsusan/

・ Osomatsu-san official website: https://osomatsusan.com/

・ Gokurakuyu official online shop: https://eshop.gokurakuyu.ne.jp/

・ Osomatsu-san x Gokurakuyu ・ RAKU SPA collaboration: https://rakuspa.com/osomatsusan/

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