Gokurakuyu RAKU SPA 21 × “Gudetama” and “Kerokerokeroppi” Campaign!

Gokurakuyu will hold a collaboration campaign with Sanrio characters “Gudetama” and “Kerokerokeroppi” at 21 directly managed stores from October 16th.


Date: October 16th (Friday) – November 15th (Sunday)

Stores: Gokurakuyu / RAKU SPA directly managed 21 stores


<All stores>

・ Collaboration menu where you can get a coaster with a collaboration limited design

・ Sale of collaboration goods designed by Gudetama and Keroppi

・ Gudetama design and Keroppi design tapestries also available

<Special event limited: RAKU SPA 1010 Kanda, Gokurakuyu Tama Center store>

・ Collaboration bath with the image of Gudetama and Keroppi

・ Mystery game via receiving postcards designed exclusively for collaboration

・ Photo spots with various designs

・ Sale of collaboration limited design goods (also sold in RAKU CAFE Monzen Nakamachi)

■Collaboration(1) Collab Menu with Coasters

Gudetama / Keroppi collaboration menu is on sale at the restaurant. When you order the collaboration menu, you will receive a coaster with a collaboration limited design. (22 types in total)

In addition, RAKU CAFE Monzennakacho will sell on a different menu from other target stores.

<Collaboration menu>

Colorful and vivid vegetable curry 1,280 yen (excluding tax)

4 kinds of melty cheese bolognese 1,380 yen (excluding tax)

Keroppi x Gudetama’s good friend sweets (matcha roll and vanilla ice cream) 680 yen (excluding tax)

Melty cheese roll cabbage 780 yen (excluding tax)

Keema curry with Nobi-Rugude sauce 1,180 yen (excluding tax)

Wild Gude Bonara 1,280 yen (excluding tax)

Handmade gude raw pudding 530 yen (excluding tax)

■Collaboration(2) Limited edition item sale
RAKU SPA 1010 Kanda, Gokurakuyu Tama Center store, RAKU CAFE Monzen Nakamachi 3 stores will sell hand towels designed exclusively for collaboration. In addition, the stores targeted for collaboration also sell goods sold in the past Gudetama collaboration and Keroppi collaboration.

*Might be sold out depending on the sales situation of each store.

Gudetama / Keroppi Hand Towel 400 yen (excluding tax)

■Collaboration(3) Collaboration Bath Gudetama no Yu and Keroppi no Yu

RAKU SPA 1010 Limited to Kanda and Gokurakuyu Tama Center stores, the baths with the image of “Gudetama” and “Kerokerokeroppi” will be held in sequence. In addition, the bath tub in the bathroom will be designed with Gudetama and Keroppi only during the period of “Gudetama no Yu” and “Kerokerokeroppi no Yu”.

<Gudetama no Yu holding period / store>

October 16th (Friday) – October 25th (Sunday)

RAKU SPA 1010 Kanda

November 6th (Friday) – November 15th (Sunday)

Gokurakuyu Tama Center store

<Kerokerokeroppi no Yu period / store>

October 16th (Friday) -October 25th (Sunday)

Gokurakuyu Tama Center store

November 6th (Friday) -November 15th (Sunday)

RAKU SPA 1010 Kanda

■Collaboration(4) Mystery game

RAKU SPA 1010 Limited to Kanda and Gokurakuyu Tama Center stores, a postcard with a collaboration limited design will be presented to those who challenge and clear the mystery. RAKU SPA 1010 Kanda, Gokurakuyu Tama Center store will present a postcard with a different design.

■Collaboration(5) Photo Spots

RAKU SPA 1010 Limited to Kanda and Gokurakuyu Tama Center stores, the hall will be decorated with a collaboration limited design.

In addition, a photo spot where you can take pictures with Gudetama and Keroppi is set up in the hall. In addition, one tapestry of “Gudetama” and “Kerokerokeroppi” will appear at random at the stores targeted for collaboration.

Collaboration campaign notes

* All images and photos are images.

* The contents are subject to change without notice.

* Check the collaboration website for details and precautions for each collaboration and target stores.

・RAKU SPA:https://www.rakuspa.com/
・Collaboration Page:https://rakuspa.com/gudetamakerokerokeroppi/
・Collaboration Video:https://youtu.be/S47V25-vxUA
・Gudetama / Kerokerokeroppi x Gokurakuyu / RAKU SPA collaboration site:https://rakuspa.com/gudetamakerokerokeroppi/
・Gudetama official website:https://www.sanrio.co.jp/character/gudetama/
・Kerokerokeroppi official website:https://www.sanrio.co.jp/character/keropp

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