Tokyo Monorail “Kiki & Lala Monorail” operation started!

On September 14, Tokyo Monorail collaborated with Sanrio’s popular character “Little Twin Stars” (Kiki & Lala), who was loved by many people and celebrated its 45th anniversary this year, as part of its brand development. The original design “Kiki & Lara Monorail” has started operation.

©1976, 2020 SANRIO CO., LTD.Ⓗ ©2020 Tokyo Monorail/dwarf

©1976, 2020 SANRIO CO., LTD.Ⓗ ©2020 Tokyo Monorail/dwarf

The concept of this train operation wish everyone’s health and happiness and move on to a new future. A photo spot will be set up at the station along with the operation, and an event will be held at Shiba Daijingu, a photo posting campaign on Instagram with sale of original goods and so on.

Because of this situation, Tokyo Monorail will continue to disinfect stations and trains and develop various measures so that people can smile and be healthy and use the service with peace of mind.

[Outline of implementation]

1.  Operation of “Kiki & Lala Monorail”

The area around the driver’s cab of cars 1 and 6 is wrapped around the ceiling and the back of the seat so that you can experience the world of “Little Twin Stars” (Kiki & Lala). It is also wrapped in a window with a design like below. In the car, coating processing with antiviral and antibacterial effects will be carried out.

(1) Operating period: From Monday, September 14th

(2) Target formation: 10041 formations (scheduled to operate with illuminations lit in winter)

2.  Installation of photo spots

At 4 stations on the company’s line (Hamamatsucho Station, Tennozu Isle Station, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station), we have set up photo spots where you can write your wishes on original strips. In addition, we pray that the wishes you have made will be fulfilled, and we will posted them at Shiba Daijingu.

(1) Implementation period: September 14th (Monday) to January 11th, 2021 (Monday / holiday)

(2) Location: Hamamatsucho Station (Central Exit, outside the ticket gate) / Tennozu Isle Station (Central Exit, outside the ticket gate) / Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station (South Exit, inside the ticket gate) / Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station (North Exit, inside the ticket gate)

3.  Ride Happy ♪ “Kiki & Lala Monorail” Instagram Campaign

Follow the official Instagram, attach the hashtag “#KikilalaMonorail”, and carry out a gift campaign for those who posted photos of “Kiki & Lala Monorail” and photo spots at stations.

(1) Original goods present

If you show the Instagram “#KikilalaMonorail” posting to the nearest window where the photo spots are installed, the first 4,500 people will receive an original A6 sticker (not for sale). (It will end as soon as there are no more prizes.)

① Implementation period: September 14th (Monday) – January 11th, 2021 (Monday / holiday)

② Implementation location: Hamamatsucho Station commuter pass counter / Tennozu Isle Station Central Exit / Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station South Exit / Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station North Exit

 (2) Invitation to “Greetings with Little Twin Stars” by lottery

If you follow the official Instagram and post with the hashtag “#KikilalaMonorail”, 15 people will be invited to “Greetings with Little Twin Stars” by lottery.

① Implementation period: Posted from September 14th (Monday) to October 31st (Saturday)

② How to apply:

a. Follow the official Instagram and post “#KikilalaMonorail”

b. Send a direct message to the winners (scheduled for late November)

c. Winners will reply about availability and number of participants

d. Participate in greetings (late December)

③Caution: Direct message is sent for contact. If you delete your Instagram account by November 2020, you will not be invited.

④ Implementation details: A greeting will be held at the company’s facility in late December.

 For details, we will inform the winners. (Transportation expenses to the company’s facilities will be borne by you.)

4. Release of original goods

(1) Release date: September 14th (Monday)

(2) Release station / window / release time (as of September 1)

Monorail Hamamatsucho Station, commuter pass, 7:00-19:30

Tennozu Isle Station, Central Exit, 5:00-23:00

Oikeibajo-mae Station, ticket gate, 6:30-22:30

Distribution center station, ticket gate, 6:30-22:30

Tenkubashi Station / HI City Exit / 6:00-23:00

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station, 2nd floor ticket gate, 6:00-23:00

Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station / South Exit 6:00-23:00

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station / North Exit 6:00-23:00

* Products other than station name key chains are not available at Showajima Station, Seibo Station, and Shin-Seibijō Station.

(3) Released products

Released a clear file depicting the scenery along the Tokyo Monorail and an acrylic key chain designed by Kiki & Lala on the monorail. In addition, we plan to release stuffed animals in the future (announcement again).

・ Clear file 2 types set (500 yen, tax included)

・ Acrylic key chain (600 yen, tax included)

In addition to the “station name sign key chains” that have been sold at each station, Tokyo Monorail original goods will be on sale.

・ Station name key chain (600 yen each, tax included)

・ Reflector (350 yen each, tax included)

・ Monorun Pass Case (1,500 yen, tax included)

・ Bansokou (250 yen, tax included) 

(4) Released at the Railway Museum Shop TRAINIART

The goods have been available at the Railway Museum Museum Shop TRAINIART since July 1, but you can also purchase the newly released “Kiki & Lala Monorail” goods. Due to the popularity of the release, the release period will be extended until October 31st (Saturday).

Release location: Railway Museum Main Building 1F Museum Shop “TRAINIART”

・ Business hours can be confirmed on the official website of the “Railway Museum”.

* As the products are limited, they may be sold out.

* Station name key chains sold at each station are only available for the design of the station.

After September 14th, you can purchase an unlimited number of items.

* Purchase at each station is only available in cash. (Payment is not possible with credit cards or transportation IC cards such as Suica)

5. Other

(1) Illumination of Oikeibajo-mae Station

The color of the light-up at Oikeibajo-mae Station, which has been implemented since August 3, will be the image of “Kiki & Lara Monorail”.

Implementation period: October 1st (Thursday) -31st (Saturday) 17:00-22:00

6. Caution

・ Depending on the status of the new coronavirus, the implementation period may be postponed or the release may be temporarily postponed.

・ When shooting at a photo spot outside the ticket gate or purchasing a product, get off once (you cannot get off on the way).

・ On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, you can also use the “Tokyo Monorail 1-day walk pass”.


<Brand concept>

At Tokyo Monorail, taking the opportunity of changing the station name of Haneda Airport 3 stations in March, we will refine the “value that can only be found in Tokyo Monorail” and become a “presence that continues to be selected” as the brand concept tag line.

<About efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection>

At Tokyo Monorail, we are continuing efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. At stations, station staff disinfect areas that are often touched by users, such as automatic ticket vending machines, near counters, and escalator handrails. In addition, a disinfectant solution is installed near each ticket gate, and a sheet is installed to prevent splashing.

In addition to disinfecting vehicles during regular cleaning, we also disinfect parts such as straps and handrails that the crew often touches during the turnaround time at the station. In addition, outside air is introduced when the door is opened and closed when arriving at the station, and the inside of the vehicle is properly ventilated by an air conditioner. In addition, we are working to further promote ventilation inside the vehicle by opening some windows inside the vehicle in consideration of the weather.

 In “Kiki & Lala Monorail”, a coating agent with antiviral and antibacterial effects using photocatalytic action is sprayed on the parts that the user touches, such as hanging straps and handrails, and will be expanded to other formations in the future.

・Tokyo Monorail Official Instagram:
・Railway Museum Official Site:
・”1day pass for a walk along the Tokyo Monorail” Details:
・Tokyo Monorail Official Site:

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