Collaboration between JR Hohi Main Line and “ONE PIECE Kumamoto Reconstruction Project”!

In order to recover from the Kumamoto earthquake, Kumamoto Prefecture is promoting a recovery project in collaboration with the manga “ONE PIECE”, and is developing the “Hino-Kuni Revival Edition” in which straw hat crews install bronze statues in the affected areas.

© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

© 2010 Kumamon, Kumamoto

In this “ONE PIECE Kumamoto Reconstruction Project”, a collaboration project is being held to celebrate the reconstruction with the cooperation of JR Kyushu in response to the resumption of the JR Hohi Main Line, which was particularly damaged.

Along with the opening on August 8, the “Straw Hat Crews” welcomes visitors with various plans, including the Usopp statue at Aso Station, which was installed in December 2019. Details can be confirmed on the special site.


Date and time: August 8 (Saturday) to January 11 (Monday, National Holiday)


① Photo spot panel [Installation location: Kumamoto Station, Aso Station]

② Photo props for commemorative photo

③ONE PIECE reconstruction project panel display [at Aso station]

④Each station character panel installation Twitter hashtag campaign

Kumamoto Station: Luffy

Suizenji Station: Chopper

Hikarinomori Station: Nami

Higo Otsu Station: Zoro

Tateno Station: Frankie

Akamizu Station: Robin

Uchimaki Station: Brook

Aso Station: Usopp

Miyaji Station: Sanji Other: The unveiling ceremony for the statue of Chopper and the statue of Brooke, which had been postponed due to the new coronavirus, will be announced on the official Kumamoto website as soon as the schedule is decided.

ONE PIECE Kumamoto Reconstruction Project Special Website:

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