A New Collaboration between “Evangelion” and “final”!

Japanese audio maker SNEXT announced its new brand final and EVANGELION collaboration earphones “EVA2020 x final perfect wireless earphones” and “EVA2020 x final 3D audio earphones” to be launched from July 27. Reservations will start at the store “final STORE” and the direct sales site “SNEXT DIRECT SHOP”, and sales will start on August 6.

“EVA 2020 x final complete wireless earphone” is a completely new original design with the motif of each Evangelion robot. The first model, the second model, and the Mark.06 model are available in three different varieties. Not only the earphone body, but also a completely original design package that uses the waveform that represents the synchronization rate as a motif, and operator Maya Ibuki (CV: Miki Nagasawa). The original guide sound recording, etc. is the finish to feel the world of Evangelion no matter where you are.

キャプチャ.JPGIn general wireless earphones, the sound generated in the high frequency range tends to cause fatigue in listening, so the low frequency range is overemphasized by the equalizer, and many products are unbalanced. After pursuing the acoustic characteristics of the driver, the company has a technical backing that slightly corrects only the worrisome part of the high range due to Bluetooth(R) with the equalizer, so the resolution is high and the vocal is clear and powerful, achieving a well-balanced sound with a balanced low tone.

In addition, the newly designed final type earpiece “TYPE E complete wireless dedicated specification” is included in 5 sizes. It is a type that is softly attached to the entrance of the ear canal, and there is almost no feeling of foreign matter, and the “feeling of best wearing” is achieved by minimizing the feeling of wearing itself.

The earphone body of “EVA 2020 x final 3D audio earphone” adopts the original design earphone jack with the motif of the umbilical cable that is supplied with power from the back of Evangelion. Not only the earphone body but also the package is a completely original design with the motif of the moon in production and the number of the first machine.

Not only the appearance but also the sound quality is a product that incorporates the research results of final, and it is an earphone born from the research on the difference between the sound source produced by the 2ch stereo method and the sound source produced by the binaural technology.

In the anime, in order to express the emotions of characters and the positional relationship between characters, the performer changes the voice quality, changes the distance from the microphone, and records by various methods. These changes are reproduced by the 3D audio earphones as intended by the performers and creators, so you can experience the immersive feeling that you are in the work.

【Product details】
EVA2020 x final Complete Wireless Earphone
・Newly design completely original with each model of Evangelion in the development of 3 models of first machine, second machine and Mark.06

・Completely original design package with a waveform representing the sync rate as a motif

・Completely original audio guide by Maya Ibuki (CV: Miki Nagasawa)

・Both high resolution and clear vocals with powerful bass

・Compatible with high quality aptX(TM) that is hard to break

・Up to 63 hours of music playback including charging case

-Newly designed earpiece, final “TYPE E complete wireless dedicated specification” is included in 5 sizes

Estimated selling price: 19,800 yen (tax included)

Reservation start date: Monday, July 20, 12:00

Release date: Thursday, August 6

Model: FI-EVATW (01) / FI-EVATW (02) / FI-EVATW (06)

Communication method: Bluetooth(R) 5.0

Chipset: Qualcomm(R)QCC3020 installed

Reproduction frequency band: 20Hz-20KHz

Compatible codecs: SBC, AAC, Qualcomm(R)aptX(TM)audio

Corresponding profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP

Continuous music playback time: 6 hours (when playing aptX(TM)) / 9 hours (when playing SBC/AAC) / Up to 63 hours (including charging case)

Continuous talk time: 4 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Battery capacity: 50mAh (one side of earphone) / 950mAh (charging case)

Accessories: Earpiece 5 size (SS,S,M,L,LL), USB Type-C cable
EVA2020 × final 3D Audio Earphone
・Original design earphone jack with umbilical cable motif

・Original design package based on the moon in progress, the number of the first machine, and an emergency monitor

・Voice quality and sense of distance are reproduced as intended by the performers and creators, and the sound is immersive as if you were in the work.

・Original earpiece swing fit mechanism transmits sound directly to the eardrum for clear sound

・Includes 5 types of “final TYPE E” original earpieces with a wide range of fits

Estimated selling price: 2,980 yen (tax included)

Reservation start date: Monday, July 20, 12:00

Release date: Thursday, August 6

Model: FI-EVA2020

Case: ABS

Driver: 6.4mm dynamic type

Sensitivity: 98dB

Impedance: 16Ω

Weight: 12g

Cord length: 1.2m

Accessories: 5 earpiece sizes (SS, S, M, L, LL)



・「EVA2020 × final Complete Wireless Earphone」Product Page:https://snext-final.com/products/detail/EVA2020-TWS-EP
・「EVA2020 × final 3D Audio Earphone」Product Page:https://snext-final.com/products/detail/EVA2020-3D-EP

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