The shooting frame of “MARVEL” now available at “Korekawa fin” Purikura machine!

For the limited time period from July 1st to August 31st, FURYU announced the “Purikura-collab mode” of “MARVEL” characters, which is extremely popular all over the world, in the print sticker (Purikura) machine “Korekawa fin”.
© 2020 MARVEL

© 2020 MARVEL

“MARVEL” has a wide range of products such as clothes and smartphone cases, and is popular among Japanese teens. This time, “Purikura-collab mode” of “MARVEL” is installed on the Purikura-machine “Korekawa fin” which is also popular among high school girls. By selecting this mode with “Korekawa fin”, you can enjoy Purikura-shooting with the theme of “MARVEL”.


“MARVEL logo” set featuring the familiar box logo, “Spider-Man” set, “Iron Man” set popular in Japan, and “MARVEL characters” featuring five heroes such as “Captain America” ​​and “Hulk” There are 6 types of set, “Pop Comics” set that bring you to the world of comics, and “Yurutegaki” set drawn with “Yuru cute” touch.

In addition, the sticker edge at the time of printing is also limited to this mode, making it a must-see for fans to enjoy Purikura-shooting while enjoying the world of “MARVEL”.

コメント 2020-07-22 135002.png
「MARVEL Purikura Collab Mode」
Period: July 1 (Wed) to August 31 (Mon)

Target model: “Korekawa fin”

Target stores: Amusement facilities, etc. with “Korekawa fin” installed

Contents: 6 types of shooting frames, 6 types of seal edge designs

“MARVEL Logo” Set, “Spider-Man” Set, “Iron Man” Set, “MARVEL Character” Set, “Pop Comics” Set, “Yurutegaki” Set

*Contents may change without notice.

*Some stores may not have this collaboration course on the target model.



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