McDonald’s Indonesia × Minions: Exclusive Menu with Banana!

McDonald’s Indonesia is releasing new exclusive collaboration menu with worldwide famous character Minions in July 2020.


Minions are famous characters from the animated movie “Despicable Me” and since has their movies “Minions” in 2017. These characters will be having their own menus at McDonald’s in Indonesia nationwide starting from July 10 to July 31.


Menu List

1) Banana Choco Pie

Sale Period: From July 10 to July 31

Price: 12,727 Rupiah


2) Minions Potatoes (9 pieces)

Sale Period: From July 15 to July 31

Price: 21,818 Rupiah


3) Blu-nana Waffle Cone

Sale Period: From July 16 to July 31

Price: 10,000 Rupiah



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