World Group × Neon Genesis Evangelion Collaboration!

The four brands of World Group: “TK Takeokikuchi”, “Base Station”, “Platinum Aura” and “Unbuilt Takeokikuchi” released a collaboration campaign with the popular anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” alongside the release of the new movie “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version”.

The products will be sold sequentially in the middle of June at the special website “Neon Genesis Evangelion x World Popular Brand Collaboration Items” in the World Online Store for a limited time. Men’s, ladies’, and miscellaneous goods are designed with the full taste of each brand, and by combining designs and logos. These designs will let you explore your favorite characters even more.

For the mid-summer T-shirts, there are various products such as the impressive one-scene inkjet prints with embroidery and logo prints, and as a special item from TK Takeokikuchi, a leather jacket with a bold print on the lining. Some of the items are also made-to-order. In addition, a variety of items such as tote bags and pouches are perfect for daily use.

*Release time varies by brand.

【Product info】※Tax excluded
「Platinum Aura」 Fake Leather Backpack 6,998 Yen
「Platinum Aura」 Graphic Big Pouch 3,598 Yen
「TK Takeokikuchi」 Lamb Leather Riders 60,000 Yen
「TK Takeokikuchi」 SPINGLE MOVE Sneakers 28,000 Yen
※Lamb Leather Riders is a make-to-order product.
Order period:June 5th (Fri)〜28th (Sun)
Product Shipping Period:Around October
※SPINGLE MOVE Sneakers will be in stock from June 25th (Thurs).


・World Online Store:
・Special Website “Neon Genesis Evangelion x World Popular Brand Collaboration Items”:
・Neon Genesis Evangelion Official Website:

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