RISE BEDDING × Hello Kitty: New way to sleep!

RISE BEDDING just released a new bedding set featuring everyone’s beloved Hello Kitty “Hello Kitty Romantic Home Sleep”.


Rise Bedding is a famous bedding brand in Indonesia, having products spread in Department Stores throughout Indonesia, including Metro Dept. Stores, Centro Dept. Stores, Star Dept. Stores, Matahari Dept. Stores, Candra Dept. Stores, Carrefour, and many more. Also, this brand’s products are used by many hotels, hospitals and apartments across the country. This new Hello Kitty set come with bright pink color and a design of Kitty sleeping soundly on her bed.



Product Information

Price: Rp839.000 – Rp1079.000 (depends on the bed size)

Period: From May 1st , 2020




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