Super Lock × Moomin new lunch box collaboration

Micron Ware just released a new Super Lock lunch box series in collaboration with a famous character Moomin.


Super Lock is a product series by Micron Ware, a Thai company that specializes in Tupperware and has been exporting to more than 40 countries in the world. This time, this series is collaborating with a worldwide famous character Moomin. The product will come as a set of 3 lunch boxes along with a handbag that have limited-edition designs of Moomin and friends on them.

The lunch boxes have separated slots for rice and food, with also plastic fork and spoon ready to be use. The box cap has a lock feature so that the food won’t be spilled while being inside the handbag.


Product Information

Price: 445 baht (tax included)

Period: From May 1st , 2020



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