Betty Boop(TM) with Kabukiza” Collaboration items on sale!

Copyrights Asia will collaborate with the popular character Betty Boop (TM), which celebrates its 90th anniversary, in partnership with Shochiku from March 20th which the products are expected to be released, to showcase Kabuki, a proud Japanese traditional performing art to the world.

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These products can be purchased at Shochiku Kabukiya Honpo, a shop specializing in Kabuki goods operated by Shochiku, the official Betty Boop (TM) online shop, and so on.
Shochiku Kabukiya Honpo has stores at Tokyo Station’s first street (Tokyo Character Street) and GINZA KABUKIZA (in Chuo-ku, Tokyo) underground Kobikicho Square. Kabuki-related products are also available at the official web store and Rakuten Ichiba website.




【Product Information】
Pub mirror frame magnet ¥ 600


Tatami coaster ¥ 680

Smart card cover with IC card ¥ 3,980

Sweets case (with sakuma drops) ¥ 1,000

Compact mirror ¥ 1,200

Frame magnet (with pedestal) ¥ 800

Mini canvas (with pedestal) ¥ 980

Cable stage (cable protection) ¥ 700

※Tax excluded. Other products are planned to be released later.

Scheduled release date: March 20 (Fri)

Release location: Shochiku Kabukiya Honpo

・ Tokyo Main Store (Tokyo Station First Street / Tokyo Character Street)

Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (May change after April 1)

・ GINZA KABUKIZA Kobikicho Plaza

Business hours: 10:00 to 17:30 (May change after April 1)

・Official Web Store:
・Betty Boop(TM) Official Online Shop:

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