Hello Kitty’s original design functional golf tee debut!

Diamond, which develops golf equipment under the Diamond Golf brand, pays attention to the increase in “golf girls” to launch a collaboration between Sanrio’s popular character “Hello Kitty” and the aero spark. In addition, a score counter with “Hello Kitty”, “My Melody” and “Kuromi” designs will be released at the same time on March 15.


sub1.jpgAero Spark Tee is a popular golf tee that has been supported by many golfers for more than 15 years since its launch and has sold more than 50 million units (achieved in July 2017 [according to company survey]).


The newly introduced package features the Hello Kitty, which wears diamond golf original golf wear, and the trademark tee ribbon and logo are printed on the tee itself. The tee-up height is 34mm so that it can be used for women’s clubs with a compact head and a small face. The upper part of the tee is stretched, and it has a 360-degree stress-free structure that swings in any direction, which reduces resistance during impact, improves head swing, and increases flight distance. 


And the “Hello Kitty”, “My Melody” and “Kuromi” design score counters -“One Reset Counter” are also on sale at the same time. It is a cute original design with various poses of Sanrio characters enjoying golf. You can count up to 12 strokes and reset with the middle button.



-Aero Sparkty Semi Long Hello Kitty

-Product number: TEL5401

-Tee-up height: 34mm

-Body price: 800 yen (excluding tax)

-Launch Date: March 15


-One reset counter Hello Kitty

-Product code: ASL5401 A

-Body price: 900 yen (excluding tax)

-Release Date: March 15


-One reset counter My melody

-Product code: ASL5401 B

-Body price: 900 yen (excluding tax)

-Release Date: March 15


-One reset counter Kuromi

-Product code: ASL5401 C

-Body price: 900 yen (excluding tax)

-Release Date: March 15







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