7-11 only Disney Dumbo and many other cute characters collaborations in the spring!

After the collaboration with Saniro a while ago, 7-11 in Taiwan will launch the Disney collaboration goods from March 14th!


One is the Dumbo limited fluff pendants.

There are a total of two healing shapes, one is can be used as a case of a card, and another is a decoration, which can be put in your home.


In addition, there are a total of four Disney spring canvas bags, delicate cotton and linen fabrics, and the characters above have also changed into the shape of cherry blossoms. Although the bag is not big, it is enough to have an umbrella or a kettle, and there is still room to add some small things.




The Dumbo series has actually been on sale from 3/11 at 249 TWD, and the following Disney Spring canvas bags will only be available from 3/14 at 199 TWD.





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