Lao Xiezhen collaborates with HELLO KITTY again!

The well-know 80-years old famous food shop, Lao Xiezhen is very favorite by their health supplements and in recent years, they collaborate with super-healing characters to win the hearts of young people.

This time, they collaborate with HELLO KITTY again to sell delicious Noodles and Porridge to get HELLO KITTY hot milk pot for free!


There are two types of hot milk pots.

One is the mountain Sakura-style noodle, pink soup bowl with HELLO KITTY expression is super playful! 

The design on the back is not sloppy! The pink mountain cherry blossoms are dotted between HELLO KITTY. The full version of the cherry blossom bow is too cute! The rich broth made by the old chicken and lean meat, and the high-quality shotgun Sanuki udon noodles, you can enjoy the taste directly!


Another is Yoshino Sakura-style porridge.

It is also full of spring flavor! Hot Milk pot and embossed HELLO KITTY on white background, wearing a wreath directly on the head is really dreamy, and the pink blush looks so shy ~ Paired with Lao Xiezhen’s slow stew with old chicken and lean meat and cabbage “Boil soup porridge” so that you can eat lightly in the middle of the night, full nutrition!


This time Lao Xiezhen × Hello Kitty Double Sakura Prosperous Series will be limited launched on Lao Xiezhen’s official website at 11 am on 3/10.

Two models are limited to 800 each and price at 749TWD.




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