“Mandom Happy Deo Body Sheet” × “Frozen II” Ice-type body seats designed with “Elsa” released in limited quantities

Mandom Corporation released limited “Elsa” designed Happy Deo Body Sheet on March 9. The Elsa character is from the hit popular movie named “Frozen II” and loved by all generations.


The “Mandom Happy Deo Series” is a popular series that has a cute package of Disney characters and a selectable scent that will make you feel happy when you use it or carry it. Above all, Mandom’s unique “Kai-tech technology” is used to support a comfortable feeling of use that pursues a cool feeling that women feel more comfortable.


From the “Mandom Happy Deo Series”, a limited number of “Mandom Happy Deo Body Sheet Ice Down Frosty Flower”, which designed “Elsa” of the Disney movie “ Frozen II”, was launched. Speaking of “Elsa”, it is one of the protagonists of “Frozen I” released in Japan in 2014, and has the magical power of freezing what you touch and creating snow and ice. Characters with an elegant and beautiful figure and a delicate but strong core that confront difficulties are loved by many women.

This time, among the Happy Deo body seats, the ice-down type package, which is popular for its ice-cold usability, is designed with “Elsa” wearing the same dress as “Frozen II”. 

Surrounded by snowflakes and iconic motifs that are indispensable to the story, it creates a delicate and dramatic impression. In addition, the limited incense tone “Frosty flower” inspired by “Elsa” expresses the translucent beauty of “Elsa” with a light and fresh fragrance.


-Product Summary

Mandom @ Happy Deo Body Sheet Ice Down Frosty Flower <Economic Type>

-Capacity / Price: 36 pieces 450 yen (excluding tax)

※ Price is suggested retail price

-Product features:

  1. A body sheet that leads to cool ice-cold skin with a strong refreshing sensation. With a soft large-format sheet, wipe off sweat, stickiness and skin stains.
  2. Mandom’s unique “Kai-tech technology” realizes “comfortable cool feeling”.
  3. The “Elsa” design of “Frozen Flower and Anna 2” and the fragrance of a light, fresh frosty flower.


How to use:

・ Open the seal on the surface from “▽” and take out one by one.

・ To prevent the contents from drying, close the seal tightly after use.

* Avoid use on the face and mucous membranes. Do not use immediately after hair removal or when there is an abnormality on the skin.


Release location: Drugstores, home centers, supermarkets, etc. nationwide





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