HI CHEW MINI × CARAMEL MINI × PAC-MAN First collaboration

Morinaga Seika will launch a new browser game “Morinaga Pac-Man Mini” in collaboration with the popular game “Pac-Man”, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year, with the renewal of the chewing candy “Hi Chew Mini” and “Caramel Mini” from March 9. 


In this game, there are two stages associated with the product. The “Hi Chew Mini Stage” has a “Caramel Mini” taste power cookie, and the “Caramel Mini Stage” has a “Hi Chew Mini” taste power cookie. Appeared respectively. When Pac-Man eats a power cookie, the ghost turns into a variety of foods, from two side-by-side meals. The motif is based on the taste of the combination of “Hi Chew Mini” and “Caramel Mini” and a total of 16 types.


In addition, if you purchase both “Hi Chew Mini” and “Caramel Mini” from the four Mini-Series products and enter the 3 digits under the product barcode in the form in the content, you will challenge the “Special Stage” with high difficulty level. 

Pac-Man, a game that has been loved for many years, regardless of age or gender, celebrating its 40th anniversary from birth. A retro and cute world view can be enjoyed by generations who do not know Pac-Man. The operation method is simple, and the game is finished so that anyone can play it casually.

Also, paying attention to the hidden character search of the stage where the playfulness is packed, the word “mini” is hidden on the normal stage, and the message with the thought of the creator is hidden on the special stage.


Furthermore, in commemoration of the release of the game, two exclusive campaigns are underway to win original Pac-Man mini goods.

-How to play the game

<Normal stage>

  1. Access a special site.
  2. Click the “PLAY NOW!” Button to go to the game screen. Select START from the game top screen to start the game. At this time, whether the stage is a “Hi Chew mini stage” or a “caramel mini stage” is determined at random.
  3. Operate Pac-Man in the center of the screen and proceed while eating cookies lined up in the maze. Power cookies with a “caramel mini” taste appear on the “Hi Chew Mini Stage”, and power cookies with a “Hi Chew Mini” taste appear on the “Caramel Mini Stage”.
  4. When you eat a power cookie, the ghost on the screen turns into various foods. Pacman can eat ghosts transformed into food.
  5. The game is clear when you eat all the cookies lined up in the maze.


<Special stage>

  1. Purchase “Hi Chew Mini” and “Caramel Mini” from 4 Mini-Series products.
  2. Enter the three digits below each product barcode to access the special stage.
  3. The aim of the play is to clear the cookies by eating the cookies lined up in the maze as in the normal stage.


<Difference from normal stage>

  1. The stage area is doubled, and the left and right designs are divided into “Hi Chew Mini” and “Caramel Mini”.
  2. Power cookies are usually twice the stage. All flavors of “Hi Chew Mini” and “Caramel Mini” appeared.
  3. Ghosts are twice as large as normal stages. “Hi Chew Mini” and “Caramel Mini” appeared each in 4 bodies.


<List of tastes of ghost makeover>

Grape x milk caramel = rum raisin / grape x strawberry = mixed berry / grape x melon = banana / grape x chocolate = wine / orange x milk caramel = orange bavaroa / orange x strawberry = passion fruit / orange x melon = watermelon / orange x Chocolate = orange peel chocolate / soda x milk caramel = cream soda / soda x strawberry = yogurt / soda x melon = melon soda / soda x chocolate = champagne truffle / cola x milk caramel = cola float / cola x strawberry = strawberry cheese cake / Cola x Melon = Ramune / Cola x Choco = American Cherry



-Campaign 1: Morinaga Pac-Man Mini II Follow & Retweet Campaign

-How to apply: Follow the official account, retweet the target post with a specific hashtag and apply.

-Application period: March 9 (Mon)-March 31 (Tue)

-Prize: 1,000 yen original Quo Card (32 people by lottery)

-Prize delivery: After a strict lottery, the winners will be notified via a direct message from Morinaga Seika Official Account. Register the information necessary for sending prizes according to the instructions in the direct message. The product will be shipped in late April.

* Product shipment may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.


You can apply as many times as you want, but you can win only once.

If the account to apply is a private account, if you unfollow the campaign account, the application will be invalid.

The application is limited to residents of Japan.


-Campaign 2: Morinaga Pac-Man Mini Original Reversible Cushion Present Campaign

-How to apply: Take a photo of the receipt of the purchase of two target products, access the application form and apply.

-Application period: March 9 (Mon)-May 6 (Wed)

-Target product: Purchase one of the required target products and the selection target products as a set.

-Required products: “Caramel Mini”

-Selectable products: “Hi Chew  Mini”, “Hi Chew Mini 66g”, “Hi Chew Mini 90g”

-Prize: Original reversible cushion (100 by lottery)

-Prize delivery: After a strict lottery, winners will be announced with a prize delivery in mid-June.

* Product shipment may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.

-Notes: Any number of applicants can apply, but one application per receipt and one win.





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