Taiwan makeup brand collaborates with Japanese fashion cat NYA-!

Taiwan makeup brand, UNT co-branded the well-known Japanese trendy brand “NYA-“. announced that UNT as NYA-the world’s first co-branded makeup brand, they will kick-off for makeup black fashion to the world.


“NYA-” is originated from the trendy clothing brand “Né-net” of a well-known Japanese boutique group. The black cat image created by designer Kazuaki Takashima, as its main character was very popular after its debut in 2007. 

The “NYA-” series of products that were subsequently launched were widely loved by fans. This black cat always open eyes and wide mouth, which looked strange but very fashionable, quickly exploded the topic in Taiwan and became to be the most noticeable Japanese character.


This time, they put NYA- on the package to show the black and white and classic healing facial expressions to try to hold a new black fashion trend, which will make UNT makeup a unique trend in the beauty makeup market.


In addition to regular powders, lip balms, and eyebrow pencils, etc. the limited-edition black lip is also very popular! Although its paste is black, it is actually a lip balm with a high degree of transparency. It has two types of transparent and pale pink.




  • Black Lip: 299 TWD
  • Facial Powder: 399 TWD
  • Eyebrow pencil: 199 TWD
  • Nail polish: 249 TWD/ set
  • Polish Water: 129 TWD



  • Start from  2/19 official online shop
  • 3/5 only in Watson, Tomod’s, and POYA in Taiwan





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