A collaboration of medical soap “Muse” with “Pikachu”

Reckitt Benckiser Japan will launch limited “Muse No-touch Foam Hand Soap Pokemon Design” on March 2 with “Muse,” a medical soap with a history of about 65 years, designed from Pikachu, the popular character of Pokémon.



About 65 years have passed since the medical soap “Muse” was launched in 1953, the particular product is the No-Touch Foam Hand Soap, which is popular for its limited number of character designs in recent years.  As it has a feature that foam containing a sterilizing component automatically comes out when you hold your hand over the body. The hot and popular collaborations are Doraemon in September 2008 and Minions in April 2019.

This time, Muse chooses the super hot character, Pikachu, who crosses games, TV animations, and movies from “Pocket Monsters,” which have never been talked about everywhere in recent years.

Muse hope the design of the no-touch series could help people to further develop hand-washing habits. The dispenser body color is yellow, which reminds of “Pikachu” and gives a bright and positive impression. The illustration of “Pikachu”, which is peeking at you, is placed on the front as if inviting you to wash your hands.

There are three types of Pikachu that you can see in one bottle. A campaign is also planned on Twitter.




-Title: Muse No-Touch Foam Hand Soap Pokemon Design

-Period: From March 2

-Aroma: Blue soda lemon





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