“Super Cup” × “Kingdom” Collaboration

Acecook is conducting a campaign of Anime “Kingdom” original goods gift in collaboration with the Super Cup and the anime of the Kingdom.


When you submit an image of the receipt that purchased the target product via LINE 1,000 people will be given a lottery with chopsticks that imitate the inconsistency of the popular character “Oki”.


An instant win campaign is also available to understand the moment you open the lid. An original QUO card ( 500 yen) with a famous serif will be presented to 5,000 people.



-Anime “Kingdom” Original Goods Gift Campaign

-Prizes and Winners:

  1. Win by applying!

“Kingdom Original” King Chopsticks 1,000 people

  1. Hit the spot!

Original design QUO card with name lines (500 yen) 5,000

* Anyone of the four types


-Application method:

  1. Win by applying!

① Download the LINE app and use this campaign account [Kingdom original goods present campaign! ] To add friends.

② According to the comments displayed in the talk room, send a purchase receipt image containing one or more target products via LINE.

③ When the message of application completion arrives, one application will be made.

* You can apply even if there is no campaign notice in the package.


  1. Hit the spot!

① Purchase the target product.

② Open the lid and hit the original QUO card.

* If you do not have a QUO card, you will lose.

* Applies to campaign announcement design products.


-Application deadline:

  1. Win by applying!

Until 23:59 on Tuesday, June 30

* Receipt period: March 2 (Mon)-June 30 (Tue)

  1. Hit the spot!

It ends as soon as the product of the campaign announcement design runs out.


-Target products

Super Cup MAX

Soy sauce ramen/miso ramen / tonkutsu ramen


Super Cup MAX large serving

Spicy fried noodles with thick noodles


Super cup 1.5 times

PokeKimchi Ramen / PokeKimchi Fire Ramen

*PokeKimchi Ramen is a convenience store limited product.






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